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Weekly Update #22 - May 3, 2016

Most of this week has been spent not playing video games. More specifically, making videos about video games. More on that later!

The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition

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The video game I did end up spending some time on this week was this blast from the past. As I've started exploring the adventure game genre this year, I figured it was high time I played this classic while I still had the opportunity, with not a whole lot coming out this time of the year.

While I like the writing and the characters so far, the puzzles are sometimes a bit too adventure game-y for my tastes, leading to a whole lot of (ab)using the hint system. I don't know, it just.. it feels old, especially for someone who has only played more recent adventure games where a lot of the quirks have been figured out.

Nonetheless, I'm enjoying myself enough that I'll probably spend some time next week playing more of it.


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Now, Hearthstone recently had its big expansion, but I haven't been playing a whole lot of it. I've played some, sure, but most of my time has actually been spent in World of Warcraft, looking up people and creatures from the new cards in the game, and I've made a few videos about the subject. I haven't really made videos before, so learning the whole editing process and stuff has been a lot of fun, and I'll probably spend a lot more time next week making more of those videos.