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Giant Bomb! Explosions abound!

Hey all -

queen_valentine here....fresh, new and uncensored. :D Go Giant Bomb.

Anyways, moved here from GS. Not sure if this is a perma-move or not, as I've yet to explore the site.

In other news, I bought FFIV DS today. AW YEA! Finally. Took a bit of effort however, since all the stores near me hadn't gotten their shipments yet or whatever. Had to drive out a bit to get it, but it is now mine. :D I think I will cruise the internet (and this site) later tonight after getting some good time in with the FFIV crew.

Oh, and excuse my shitty, home-made, hand-drawn avatar. lol I'll come up with something much better at some point in my life.

Alright everybody, thanks for reading and being my friend. XD

- Celes