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117270 New Game Game You should add this game because it's a newly launch Mobile TCG that is very polished and could have a playerbase wanting to view it on twitch. It is recognized by googleplay store and appstore. 06/04/20 02:20AM 10 approved
110769 New Game Game You should add this game because it's doing pretty well for being soft/partially launched. It has very positive reviews & could grow even further with a twitch community category. Thank you! 04/30/20 10:41AM 10 approved
109497 New Game Game You should add this game, because its has a pretty decent following on youtube & is a new mobile title that could expand it's playbase through being on twitch. It already has streamers, but they stream in games+demos, due to no singular category for the game. 04/26/20 01:06PM 10 approved
99245 New Game Game You should add this game because its popular with players and would be appreciated by the players to view it on twitch as well as interact with their twitch streamer to play co-op together with them. This game has been out in japan for over 5 years and has a very tight playerbase of positive and helpful members. 02/27/20 10:46AM 10 approved
73802 New Game Game This game is being released tonight in JP and a lot of players will be playing it at launch and throughout its lifespan. Adding it to the game directory by 10PM EST would help immensely in people being able to view the game and what to aspect from it. 11/13/19 03:00PM 10 approved