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If I were to get a PS3

I've only ever been a PC owner but there are a number of games out there that are tempting me to get particularly a PS3 at some point. These are are those games ranked in order of importance to me in possibly justifying that purchase, since ranking things is fun.

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  • It's not even out yet but this the number one game that is tempting me to get a PS3. I played both SotC and Ico on a housemate's PS2 a few years ago and they are both easily some of my favourite games of all time because of the atmosphere, story and uniqeness of the experience. At some point in my life I'm going to absolutely have to experience this game for myself.

  • Again, hasn't even come out yet (and in this case I haven't played the predecessors from thatgamecompany) but this already looks like providing a most wondrous, beautiful, spellbinding and unique experience. I absolutely love the philosophy with which thatgamecompany develop games and of all their projects this is the one that I find myself most naturally drawn to based on its core conceit. It's as yet unproven but I have great faith in it's developers that they will succeed in creating the experience they are setting out to and that's enough for me.

  • I followed this game from the very first few details released about and very few games have got me as hyped up for them as this one (despite not having a readily available way to play it). There's so much about the way I wish to see games go that this game seems to incorporate and try to do. Story is one of the main reasons I come to games and I would love to see what my story in this game would end up being.

  • Looks like it's a great rollercoaster of an experience with great set pieces under a huge amount of polish. I'd love to play what seems to be exquisitely paced cinematic experience with believable characters on the side as well.

  • I don't know what the last level is yet as I've kept myself from being spoiled, but I want to find out. More than that I'm interested in knowing if this has the power to emotionally connect with me and see if the motion controls engage with me in a special way. I'd also love to see what non-gamers' experiences of this would be if I get them to try it out.

  • GB's very own Brad Shoemaker seems to be hot on this and intrigued to experience the story and characters for myself.

  • Also from Ninja Theory and also supposed to have a good story with the length appearing to be the main thing that held this back for reviewers at the time.

  • Only held back from being further up the list by virtue of having played them already but I still want this more than some original gaming experiences because they're such a special set of games that I can see myself replaying a number of times and I would love to have them in my personal lifelong collection especially with the extra shiny.

  • Has great charm and sense of fun. I think I'd have a very enjoyable experience playing this.

  • Ditto.

  • Don't know where to rank this and not even sure if it should be one my list, but the review of it by Quintin Smith was one of the most stirring pieces of writing about a game that I've read. As with some other games like Heavy Rain, Last Guardian and Flower, I'm intrigued to see if Demon's Souls can stir a truly unique experience for me and engage me in a special way I haven't experienced before. It seems possible that could be the case. My misgivings are that the trial and error approach required in the game might still refuse to mesh with me and that it seems to be a large time investment that I'm not sure if I can justify given the repetition involved in it.

  • This gets a nod probably because Destructoid put it right up their in their games of the last decade with the story cited as being a big reason for that. That's got me curious enough to be tempted to try it out.