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Fetch me a dream, Mr. Wake 0

Alan Wake--both the game and the titular hero--has an identity problem.The original 2010 retail game had a promise of chills that few games rivaled. The darken outback of the Pacific Northwestern woods perfectly coupled Alan Wake's tale of supernatural dread and reality distortion. Unfortunately, the actual action-centric gameplay completely unwound any and all suspense or horror conjured up by over-adequately equipping players with supplies, ammunition and slow motion camera pans. Never once di...

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Block Rocking Beats 2

Block-breaking puzzle games are as classic and simplistic of a gaming concept as they come. Name one person with a verifiable heart beat on this Earth who has not tossed a few hours in Tetris. You can not (barring the Amish and those without the means to...obviously). But, increasingly, it's getting harder and harder to justify a retail release (and matching price point) on games of the ilk. With dozen's of Tetris clones lurking throughout cyberspace and the dirt cheap iOS game marketplace peaki...

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Contagious and Terminal 0

Rhythm Heaven Fever is not afraid to--beat---you.Damning difficulty may not be the first thought to cross your mind as you glare at the exuberantly colorful box art and the adorable in-game personified animals and super-deformed humans; but rest assure Rhythm Heaven Fever will burn up any degree of self-respect you may have for your ability to keep rhythm. The game absolutely demands precision and gives zero leniency to missteps. As a neophyte to the Rhythm Heaven series, the sudden ramp up of d...

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All of the Lights 0

The Darkness II is a sequel to an overlooked game based on a comic published in the mid-90s that few read.And that's a damn shame.For the uninitiated, The Darkness weaves the tale of lowly mafia hitman Jackie Estacado. On the eve of his twenty first birthday, Jackie is instilled with his birthright; partial possession by a demonic deity only known as The Darkness. At first the diabolical powers and paranormal strength is seductive to young Jackie but quicker than you can say "This is going to be...

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First DLC jitters 0

Like anyone with a sense of humor and an active pulse, I loved last year's Saint's Row: The Thrid. After playing through the core game ceaselessly over two or three days after its release, I was both satisfied with the delightful absurdity of the Saint's conquest of Steelport and ravenous for more.On paper, Genkibowl VII-the first piece of single player DLC released for Saint's Row: The Third-should overload my sated craving for craziness while fulfilling that void of more Saint's Row. It does n...

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Theater of the Absurd 0

Double Fine's second foray into motion controlled territory is barely game. Or, more accurately, it is barely a "game" in the traditional sense of the word. Double Fine Happy Action Theater is a "game" that cannot be won, loss, or beaten. No campaign, no innate competitive aspects; just a ludicrous smorgasbord of minigames cum Kinect tech demos lavished with the visual panache and charm expected out of Tim Schafer's imaginative studio.And it's all the better for it.Understanding what exactly is ...

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EA calls the Safe Cover 0

Nostalgia, Hollowed Be Thy NameThe late 1990s found the once evergreen American Arcade scene slip into it's autumn and eventual falling out of gaming providence. While titles like Dance Dance Revolution and perennial dive bar favorite Golden Tee Golf were-arguably-the last golden eggs laid in North American arcades, Midway Games' cartoonish no-hold-barred take on professional football, NFL Blitz, helped rekindle a bit of the competitive luster that once drew hundreds of gamers out of their homes...

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