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The platforms i owned/own

All listed from the very first,to right now,i will fill it up as i go along :)

List items

  • Man i LOVED this grey box.... Unfortunately it broke and i got two choices,get another one,a Genesis or an SNES... Guess what i chose :)

  • Ahhhhhh Genesis does what Nintendon't..... LIARS! It was only a graphical update,but it served me well,and unlike an NES which i had to buy 3 FUCKING TIMES i only needed to buy the Genesis once!

  • This guy right here is,IMHO, the second best console EVAR!

  • The green screen wonder-brick is to this day still,IMHO,one of the best portable consoles ever!

  • Sticking to handhelds i got this thing day 1 when it came out!

  • While the SNES might be second the PlayStation is the BEST! I loved this thing and you did too!

  • Ahhh,the memories with this thing! I actually got it in 2004,the Slim version,and its still my most played system sharing first place with the original PlayStation

  • This is when i started collecting old stuff,and i did it because it was AWESOME!

  • My second old-school platform is the C64,the PC that defines the word classic....Also,this was my first computer :P

  • Piece of shit doesn't even work! I got this one in 2006,and sold it in 2006 :(

  • This is another (one i got in 2006) old PC that i don't have much to say,its pretty basic!

  • Got this one in 2008(i took a couple years of a break for gaming),still own,only until the 3DS comes out :D

  • I bought the arcade machine,pretty expensive! I got in 2008 btw

  • Same as previous,got the arcade machine in 2008,and i still enjoy playing it now and then.

  • Arcade machine in 2009

  • Got it,cuz i never had one...I don't like it :(

  • Got the 3000 yesterday (yeah i didn't buy jack since the N64 last...week xD)