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Your Mileage May Vary 0

Dear god, what happened here? Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was game of the year. It was beautiful, it was entertaining, and it was so engrossing I have played through it more than a dozen times and had nearly as much fun on every pass after the first one. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, however...well. Let's just say I didn't play it for very long. Combat heavy, an emo prince and mediocre graphics made it a bad game no matter how you looked at it. Needless to say I wasn't the only one u...

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Suckered 0

Yeah, okay. You know what? This is one of those semi-rare cases when I won't even try to beat around the bush. This is one of those times when I will state rather firmly that I was gullible and a complete idiot. One of my moments of shame. Enjoy it kids, 'cause it doesn't happen very often. I do take some small consolation from the fact that I wasn't alone. That many others, also having just played Grand Theft Auto 3 and feeling that Rockstar Games could do no wrong, preordered and purchased Sta...

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John Woo, Eat Your Heart Out 0

Every once in a while a game comes along that just kicks your ass. Maybe it’s a rehash that’s simply done better than its predecessors, maybe it’s a story or a character that just instantly inspires people, or maybe it’s some new idea that gets the perfect treatment.Sometimes, it’s all three at once.Sometimes a game grabs you around the throat, lifts you up into the air, and then proceeds to beat the snot out of you without even breaking a sweat. Devil May Cry is such a game. Imagine, if you wil...

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Pretty Good Pinball 0

I wish I were good at pinball. It's one of those kinds of games that I always imagine is fun to be good at, although I'm sure that's a silly opinion to have in practice. I've never heard of the pinball wizard getting the girl, and as far as I know there wasn't a montage-based 80's comedic underdog movie inspired by pinball...and we all know that 80's montage movies are the definition of what's cool and what isn't. The whole playing purely for a high score mentality has always been just beyond my...

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A Fun Game with a Misleading Description 0

I don't like squad-based games. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, I'm a lone wolf. Whether you're AI or human I don't really feel like delaying or altering what I need to do to cover you, bail your butt out, tell you what to do, or toss you supplies. I definitely do not want to have to deal with friendly fire. I'd rather face the hordes of hostiles all by my lonesome than have to even think about what you're doing. I can stand co-op in some games, but only because there's no real strategy. B...

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I'm a Sucker Sometimes 0

It's gotten to the point where I shed a single tear every time a new 3D Sonic game is announced. Just like the commercial - it's the single piece of trash thrown from the car, I'm the Native American up on the hill. The original franchise had spunk, great graphics, clever level design; the games were a true pleasure to play. On the other hand 3D has not been kind: Sonic Adventure (and its sequel) on the Dreamcast treated gamers to a sudden and serious case of franchise erectile dysfunction. Soni...

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Serious Contender for Worst Game of All Time 0

Jebus this game is terrible. I mean seriously, who green-lighted this? Who sat in a boardroom full of adults - adults in suits - and said, "I've got it: chariot racing!” Even with perfect execution this would be a very silly game, and the people that made this game obviously couldn't hit perfect if it were the ugliest drunk left in the bar after last call. Star Wars: Episode One managed to inspire a desire for pod racing games, but where would we get chariot racing? Ben Hur? Yeah, I'm sure littl...

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Someone Had To Do It... 0

Yeah, laugh it up. I rented and played what could be considered to be a softcore porn game. I won't make any lofty claims that I simply needed to review it for any particular reason, either. I was shamelessly fishing for easy achievement points, curious as to how it actually played, and curious exactly how porn-ish it could get. Lo and behold the points are far from easy, it plays almost exactly the way you would think it does, and it can get pretty damn porn-ish...but not in a way I would consi...

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