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Resident Evil Revelations is a lovable mess 1

Few games have ever made me simultaneously swear at and cower from them. Resident Evil Revelations inspired quite a bit of both this week as I pushed myself to overcome my sometimes irrational fear of zombies. I recoiled from the hideous monsters and freely cussed the game's numerous hitches and quirks -- and loved it.Revelations is a straightforward action-horror title that borrows heftily from Resident Evil 4 and 5 but tries desperately to reanimate the series' survivalist roots. You primarily...

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Need For Speed: The Run is a lesson in terrible storytelling 0

Completely ineffective storytelling is one of Need for Speed: The Run's many faults. While I don't require my racing games to have elaborate and believable stories, I do expect them not to feel like a 13-year-old boy's movie script. If you bother implementing a plot, do try to do it well....Not all racing games are created equal. They may manifest in a myriad of styles but racers centralize around the same concept: driving remarkable cars...quickly. Sadly, implementing that fundamental principle...

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In Defense of Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon 0

Living in press-event isolation as I do, I did not go into Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon with more than a teaser trailer --as seen below -- to go by. What I saw in that years-old video was one boy's struggle with isolation in a stunning but decaying RPG world. What I experienced in this widely underrated game is hard to explain, but I know that going into it without expectations opened my mind to the work more than those who immersed themselves in the hype.I want to convince you tha...

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Forza 4 proves racing sims should be fun 0

Gran Turismo gives racing simulators a bad name. Gran Turismo 5 made car sims seem like stuffy and cumbersome beasts. Don't get me wrong; it's a good game, but it isn't a great one.Gran Turismo 5 simply isn't fun. It is too bogged down by precision and realism for the average gamer to embrace it -- and that's totally OK. A lot of gearheads are into being as detailed as possible. They build racing seat setups in their living rooms and likely have an old sports car that they drive to the store onc...

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Impossible in 3D but still better on 3DS 0

The problem I've always had with Cave Story is that the controls simply aren't tight enough. When platformers feel too loose, jumping is a nightmare. With the 3DS' analog nub, I hoped Cave Story's handheld transition would finally offer the fluid and responsive controls the game so desperately needs.The PC version is the worst offender for wobbly controls. I've never found keyboards conducive to platformers and quickly lost the will to push through the increasingly more frustrating levels as my ...

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