Let's look inside, RDR trapped in my PS3

Hello folks how the fuck are ya?  
For the last 4 months my Red Dead Redemption disk has been trapped in the shell of a once great Playstiation three, Sadly this Playstation lost it's will to live and committed Seppuku as I was playing RDR, The failure was so great that I could not eject the disk, Well today my friends is a day where I could not tolerate it anymore,  
Why did it take 4 months you ask? I am lazy and I didn't really care, but I had an itch to play RDR and that propelled me to grab it with both hands and tear it apart. 
Picture of the PS3 without the hard drive, I did not have the small screw driver so I used force and a medium screw driver to access it,   
The bowels of the PS3, After taking the cover off my next step was to gently and carefully take apart the Blu Ray drive. 
Well... when I say carefully I mean using my screwdriver as leverage and busting the damn thing open. 
Opened Blu ray drive, top bits ripped out by hand. 
I ripped out the plastic cover to get to my RDR disk,  
The result and tools that I used to great effect,  
So next time you want to get rid of some stress...break a PS3, it's the ultimate solution.