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A Dead Rabbit that has a lot of life 0

OK so first of try to ignore that fact that SEGA is on the box. This is game is a fantastic experience that had me laughing out loud at the crazy shit that was constantly happening. To try and break it down this game is a platformer in a sense but you u also get crazy weapons, fight crazy monsters and generally do crazy shit! What could be so crazy you ask!? Well how about fighting a monster that is a turd with a chainsaw on its head.....ALSO if you check the description when you kill it you fin...

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Gear Up And Strap In For Awesome Arcade Shooting Bliss 3

Like some I was wary about this game when I saw Brads review of 5 stars when little to none was known about this game before launch and it wasnt bigged up by microsoft on the dashboard when it came out here in the UK. BUT as soon as you start playing this game you quickly realise just how much fun Avalanche studios have made shooting stuff until it blows up.I like to think of this game as what would happen if a pinball machine, shootem up and a RPG hada 3 way love child! Shooting enemies with gr...

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Mortal Kombat is back in brutal bloody style 2

It seems like it's been forever since theres been a Mortal Kombat (MK) game that has been so well received by the diehard fans, press and new comers to the MK franchise and up until this game I wouldn't have blamed them. Unless you happened to be big into DC comics and MK its likely the last MK game would have been a distant bleep on your gaming radar.  The franchise even outside of the DC crossover had been becoming stale with a massively convoluted story line and excesive amount of battle comm...

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Yo you like Dead Space 1? 0

Then you should really get this.  Dont have much to add on top of what as already said.  Its a fuckin awesome game.  My only gripes with this title when compared to the first one was the lack of boss battles.   The as a whole is still a fantastic title with enough changes and improvements to make this a new experience of dead space rather than a expansion pack.  PLUS getting a copy of Dead Space extraction in the Limited PS3 version is great.  Its a ton of fun with or without a move controller (...

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NFS IS BACK: and this time its packing heat 0

I had been quitely trying not to get excited for this title because of the slow decline of NFS, in my eyes, over the years BUT with the excellent Criterion Games on board this proves to be the series reboot  THAT MATTERS :D   With the knowledge that the guys who made my much loved Burnout games behind this title I was going into the Demo with the only hope that  EA hadnt totally diluted the creativity of the team and luckerly everything was right where it needed to be.   The first thing that hit...

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Explosions a plenty but Split/Second just misses the finish line 0

Lets just cut to the chase.  Split/ Second looks good on paper with the idea of having cars blowing shit up constantly destroying the track and the cars on it is great.  BUT the sensation of ACTUAL SPEED, unbalanced AI and dissatisfaction with the way explosions have (in terms of effects on the cars) really put a downer on what I was hopeing was going to be my goto racing game for the next 6 months.    Dont get me wrong Split/ Second is def worth a test drive if you can find it cheap 2nd hand bu...

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