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  • remilia_seven_fangs created a list 2020 Game of the Year List.
  • remilia_seven_fangs posted a message on the post Game of the Year 2019: Less Words Edition..

    Touhou Luna Nights was also pretty high on my game of the year list as well. They even wont best overseas game in the Chinese Game Show and Zun even attended that show. Hope your new year will be ful...

  • remilia_seven_fangs created a list My Top Ten Games for 2019.
  • remilia_seven_fangs posted a message on the post Games Finished in 2019.

    Glad to see another Touhou Enthusiast out there. Good to see you played Luna Nights since I really enjoyed it myself. I still have not finished EOSD on normal difficulty, but I can do some of the lat...