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WoW Section Review: Random Dungeon Finder/LFG 0

There are plenty of great user reviews here on Giant Bomb for World of Warcraft as a whole.  Unfortunately, I think WoW is far too large a game at this point to really describe as a whole unit.  Those who are interested have access to Wiki pages and other resources to see what the game is all about.  I feel an important aspect is missing here on GB, a look at some of the new systems put in place with content patches, as Blizzard constantly updates the game.  I've seen a LOT of changes over my ...

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And Then There's Batman: 0

Over the years I've become jaded.  With each passing movie turned into quick cash in on a superhero video game I've grown to dislike the genre and the subject matter.  Barring a few gems here and there, superhero games as a whole have failed to impress me in any meaningful way, generally resorting to played out beat-em-up mechanics with a fresh skin of your favorite superhero of the quarter.  And then, there's Batman: Arkham Asylum.  Batman: Arkham Asylum pits you (predictably as Batman) against...

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A Hack'n'slash with some lasting appeal. 0

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is a Hack and Slash/action type RPG, having gameplay style mimicking Diablo 2, Too Human, and many other games of the genre.  Where it departs from those titles is its vast open world style, feeling as much like an MMO (right down to exclimation points and question marks as quest markers) as an action RPG in many cases.  Choosing from one of Sacred's 6 classes and wether you'll campaign on the side of Light or Shadow, you enter the world of Ancaria and begin your quest.  Y...

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