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Faaabulous Video Game Cover Art.

For one reason or another these games feature some awesome cover art, no matter what the game actually looked like. (adding daily) (okay maybe weekly)

List items

  • So Breakout is racquetball then? You know, because racquetball walls slowly chipped away as you hit them. Kudos for trying to include artwork of the actual game, I guess.

  • I'm only a beard physicist, but something tells me this particular alignment of 4 planets all within 2 inches of each other - aka "LOL WTF Planets? ;) - must create some pretty cool waves and/or planet-cracking earthquakes and volcanoes.

  • Anybody who bought this "rainbow UFO" game must have been disappointed there weren't any space unicorns.

  • How upset was Boston that Atari got to this cover before they did?

  • If only I could have been there when the artist was told, "Hey, draw BASIC PROGRAMMING."..."So Blade Runner again?"..."Yeah, Blade Runner."...Special Edition!

  • "Okay, okay, let's ditch the racquetball thing... breakout OBVIOUSLY takes place in space."

  • Maybe the most logical of the bunch because let's face it - if you're playing 3D TIC TAC TOE you've no doubt crossed over to another plane of existence... in the future... so, you know, robots. SCIENCE.

  • which the employee replied, "Star WarRAIDERS, what, I said RAIDERS! Is that a TIE what now? I'm afraid I don't know the reference."

  • King me! get it? Because of the the "king" part!

  • Well, he either knows the magical spell for creating mountains, lightning, or really bad forced perspective.

  • I could do a list of fruity-rainbow Activision covers alone, although none would be be quite so brokeback as this gem.

  • Yes sir, those ARE tiny sweatbands on the letters.

  • Not like this wasn't an obvious video game premise, but maybe the luggage is lost because everyone shows up and throws all their bags into the air at once?

  • Somebody probably shifted all the elements around because they thought it looked more "dynamic", but either way they created the POV of a pilot moments before his crooked approach became a fiery ball of death.

  • Polka dot bow ties? Upside down?! Say no more, you've successfully marketed a fun time to me!

  • "Hey guys, what's the downside if I just let my hand hang here like this? Makes me look cool though, right? What if I look off into the distance too?"

  • Pitch meeting: "Okay guys, two words: GAY MARIO." "How soon can we start production?"

  • You ever wonder why we don't just put pictures of developers' heads right on the front of the boxes? Kevin Toms doesn't.

  • So at the last second the guy turns to the "camera"... why? Just wanted to make sure his buddy was "getting this" before the bear killed him, I guess. Grizzly Man, check it out.


  • Oops, your fire truck is on fire, I hope that's an automatic game over.

  • "In retrospect, parking on the racetrack might have been a bad idea guys." Silly Atari, don't they know they're supposed to use rainbows to indicate movement?

  • Okay, so there WAS a point in Spider-Man's career when he wore even more mascara than during his emo trip in the third movie! "Racoon-Man" can also topple any enemy's garbage can at will.

  • And now you know why most preferred to put wildly exaggerated artwork on the cover.

  • Ten years into the future... computers are the same size and man has developed a crippling fear of birds! The future!

  • Harrier than what? HAHAHAHA

  • Can you run blockades with clothes ON too? Just askin'.

  • The dinosaur's look says it all: "Hey, you stole my eggs and now I have a huge boner."

  • Somebody couldn't resist making that a Sony branded spaceship on the cover. It probably wasn't the artist...

  • No Escape! those feelings you have around your guy friends!

  • For all you sticklers out there who think it's SOOOOOO important to hire someone who "can draw" to do your cover - Jet Set Willy taped a couple airbrushes to a kitchen aid and came out just fine!

  • Something is certainly off-ing here, but I'm not sure it's the kicks.

  • Driving inches away from moon craters is so popular that head-on collisions are actually quite frequent. True story.

  • If the title "Ghost Chaser" ever conjured up images of some sort of supernatural detective or scientific professional then you were way off - horny hillbilly all the way.

  • Uh oh black dude fell asleep - crucial mistake in the middle of a fight.

  • Mutant camels would obviously take revenge, that's a given, so why are the camels the ONLY normal creatures on the cover?

  • TELEKINETIC Private Eye, apparently.

  • Proper perspective is a tricky artistic concept, so it's good to see a cover that really nails it - much like this tiny karate dwarf is about to nail the regular sized man in the head.

  • "Hey guys, I say we kick this fuzzy dice from my rear-view mirror straight up into the air! Ha ha joke's on you, I don't have a mouth!"

  • Wait until the ball is directly over the plate, then swing! Then strike!

  • The Joker called, he wants his... self back.

  • "A ghost! Quick what do we use?" "I don't know, guns?" - Every ghost hunter and game developer ever.

  • SO are you a good or bad wrestler if you can get your own head into a headlock? I guess it depends on if you try to lick your own nipple in the process.

  • Yeah, I guess he IS pretty bad at it.