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Mortal Kombat is back. 0

I’ve grown up with Mortal Kombat. Through the years, the bone-crushing series has progressed from 2D stop-motion sprites up to the 3D offerings on the current generation of consoles.Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was the company’s best attempt at bringing MK to its rightful helm, yet it lacked the fighting flow and infamous gore of the original 2D games. So I’m happy to say straight up that NetherRealm’s new title, the ninth in the series, surpasses all previous 3D Mortal Kombat games and is easi...

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Wait, what year is it? 0

The developers of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game are obviously massive fans of retro beat-em-up’s and have created a extremely faithful clone of River City Ransom right down to the early 90’s cliches. As first impressions go Scott Pilgrim is fascinating due to it’s commitment to bringing an old school game to a new era, but Scott Pilgrim may adhere slightly too much to the retro game feel, ironically including many of the flaws that those Video Games it’s inspired by had. Scott Pilgrim vs...

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Unprecedented level of awesomeness 0

Back in 2005, Geometry Wars was one of the leading Xbox Live Arcade titles, and it went a long way to justify that Digitally Distributed games could work in a console environment. Since then there have been numerous imitating Dual-Joystick shooters available on XBLA, so it speaks volumes to say that the release of Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved 2 completely surpasses all the other downloadable shooters that have come out previously.   What makes Retro Evolved 2 so outstanding is its ability to de...

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An over-rated game with not enough depth. 0

Assassins Creed is an engaging game the first time you experience what it has to offer. Clearly the best part of the game is the movement of which Altaïr is able to complete, as he can leap and move in ways similar to the activity of 'Parkour'. The movement of Altair is fantastic, especially when watching him crookedly climb upwards to the top of a building or running across the roofs of houses to escape the guards of the city. This is undeniably the strongest part of Assassins Creed as it ...

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