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2022 GOTY list

These are my top 10 GOTY, tho i strugled with a 10th game i really enjoyed

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  • Miyazaki cant really go wrong, he has his ups and downs, but you always know that whatever he gives you, its gonna be at least very good. On that note, Elden ring is easily my fav game he has made so far, I truly enjoyed exploring this world and learning its secrets. the only minor thing i can drag it for is that I dont enjoy as much of the music as some other games.

  • This is kinda what i hope all future pokemon games build off, certainly S/V ahve some positive to it, but I find Arceus to be just so much better and more fun than S/v across the board. I really hope we get more of this.

  • This really feels like a modern B game when it comes to the scope of what you do in ths game, which isnt a ton. You dont get a large varaity in abilities to interect with the world which is a bummer but, the massive positive about this game is the world itself. I really love travlering around tokyo, exploring places i knew about and had visited in real life, very cool. I also really enjoyed its use of japanese folklore.

  • This game almost rules, the idea of running a small arcade and slowly expanding it over time is great, and the small challanges it gives you for playing the games is a cool idea. The reason its not higher is because their is a progression imbalnce that drags and also most of the second half pf the cabinets you get are kinda mid to bad.

  • This is something ive been wanting for a long time, a pretty good sequel to recettear as i did not like moonlighter. i really like all the characters in the game and i enjoy the balance of making potions sending out explorers to find ingredients and hanging with people to get closer and also get more cool stuff. Its It aint perfect but it is close.

  • This is at both times and incredibly peaceful and stressful game. I get very obsorbed into cleaning everything perfectly. it does struggle a bit with the more complicated cleaning jobs when it comes to finind the last few % points to clean.

  • A very cool game full of coll puzzles that makes excellent use of manuals, it really makes me wish i could get a physical copy of it.

  • I find this game very funny and its short and doesn't overstay it's welcome, i appreciate exactly what this is trying to do.

  • This is complicated, the game starts great but unfourtunaetly only gets worse as the game progresses, there are a lot choices and the game does try to sell you on the idea that anything can change basedon your choices, but that only ends up being roughly 1/4 true, which is where my problems lie with this game. It had great potential but does leave me curious as to what comes after.

  • TBH this barely makes the list, but thats only because i really struggled to find a tenth game i liked enough to list. but dont get me wrong, this is a cool smaller game, i do wish there was more to it, maybe some kind of base building stuff that lasted more, but its fine.