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2023 GOTY

My rough list of my 2023 GOTY top 10, smashed this out kinda quick so whatever but its where i'm at right now

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  • I have never played an AC game before but this was easily my favorite thing I played this year, its kinda hard for me to say anything negative about it, It just goes so hard in everything it does, I love it

  • Even if I didn't end up liking this it probably would have still ended up on here purely due to what I was going through in my life when this released, but luckily I think its an excellent game. I think it does a very good and interesting job by building on the first game and using the old map in interesting ways, while also adding the underground which I adore. It also gave me everything i needed from this kind of zelda game which is unfortunate as it seems like we are going to get more of this in the future.

  • Now you may be wondering, "didn't this come out in 2016, FF16 came out this year" to which i will respand by saying that Final Fantasy 16 is maybe the worst game i played this year and probably my least favorite numbered Final Fantasy game.

    Final Fantasy 15 on the other hand, which I also finished this year, is easily one of the best Final Fantasy games I've played and it just puts everything about 16 to shame. Its also one of the best games I played this year, which is amusing to me which is partially why i put it here.

  • Its good, I like it more than a lot of other VN games I've played, which, admittedly isn't much recently, but it has inspired me to maybe try more and that's pretty important to me

  • I love pikmin, and pikmin 4 is a culmination of the 3 that came beforehand. I did make the mistake of 100% it which took to long and did drain some enjoyment from me while finishing it, so don't be me and just finish it when your satisfied

  • I just love puttering around on a boat, its not really scary or anything, but its got just enough in all the right places for me, love to sail a boat in a game everyday.

  • A fun combination of city builder and rouge-lite, I've put far to much time into it but it was my go to game this year when I just wanted to zone out and game for an hour and that can be a valuable thing.

  • I love OG RE4, and this is a fun take on it, I might still prefer the original but I also never want to play it again so this was a nice way for me to revisit an old favorite of mine with some new and different bells and whistles

  • Don't have much to say about this really, its good, I enjoyed the writing and the shooting, maybe a touch long for what it is but still worth experiencing

  • I debated not putting this on here as i have a lot of problems with AW2, but still at the end of the day I think this game is cool enough in a lot of ways that not enough games are, and I find myself valuing bigger budget games trying something even a little risky interesting