No Such Thing as a Final Fantasy

I recently just finished FFXIII and loved it unlike many people that I know. People say it was too linear and I agree. But the fact that it was in service of the story really shows. With the exception of Vanille, I genuinely liked the characters (and even she had her moments). With that being said FF XIII-2 is coming out this week and it's already paid for. I'm excited to see a continuation of the FF XIII world. However early reviews have said they fixed the linearity issue but the story has taken a big hit which really does disappoint me. Anyway that is not what this post is about! I've decided to take a journey in 2012. A journey to play through all of the mainline FF games which means no XI or XIV. I'm excited and while I know going through a couple of the early ones might be a little rough, I want to be a bigger fan of this series than I am. Well here is to an interesting 2012!