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Mario Kart Wii delivers the frantic fun from previous installment 0

..::The Good::.. >Responsive Controls. >Huge variety of tracks, old classics and new, imaginative, well designed courses. >The best Online Play seen on the Wii yet with almost no lag what-so-ever. >The same frantic and addictive fun from past Mario Kart titles. >Snaking has been removed. >The new stunt system is great. ..::The Bad::.. >Some Character Models are blocky. >Some characters voices are terrible >Friend Codes. >No Voice Chat Online. When Mario Kart ...

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Worthy of the title, "Super" 0

..: The Good :.. Feels just right, graphics are nice and colourful, a good long lifespan ..: The Bad:.. Maybe a tad too easy meaning it may be a bit lacking in hardcore gamers 1992 see's Mario first hit the Super Nintendo, and the introduction to everyone's favorite dinosaur, Yoshi. But even with Yoshi, Super Mario World had alot to live up to, with Super Mario Bros. 3, the best Mario game yet, out the previous year. So, does Super Mario World make the cut? ... Yes, yes it does. No prizes i...

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