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User Gaming Reviews - The Good and the Bad

I just read what were said to be 'user game reviews' here on GiantBomb and sometimes, I wonder why I even try looking at them.
Maybe I place to much hope in users to actually put some thought into their reviews and maybe get some additional insight into a games core. Maybe I'm just getting more cynical with age as a gamer playing games with kids like this. These kids are also the ones that seem to think a review consists of how 'cool' it is and the graphics are 'awesome' and the game is 'totally worth the money'. Thats not a review, thats a blog post you should be writing on your own GiantBomb blog. Granted, I did read some good reviews like this one that keeps reading user reviews but sometimes, their a dime a dozen.  
I think I'm going to get up and get my own chocolate milk now (watch the youtube link above to get the joke).