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Games I Am Looking Forward To

I'm going to keep this list nice and tight. No more than ten entires. I've also left out a lot of super obvious stuff, and stuff that's just coming out in a month or two.

NOTE: These are not in any order.

List items

  • It took me a while to decide which of the two Street Fighter/Tekken crossover games to include in this list, and I ultimately went with SFXT - partially because I've seen more of it, and partially because there's already another Tekken game on this list.

  • I loved the original Bioshock. Everything about it was just perfect (ending excepted, of course). I cannot wait to see what Ken Levine and co. are cooking up for the next entry in the franchise.

  • I'm not going to lie here: I was pretty rough on Brotherhood before it came out. Everything Ubisoft had said about it up to that point made it sound like a cheap, quick way to cash in on the success of AC2. Of course, playing the game and sinking hours upon hours into it post-release eventually shut me up.

    Some of those old doubts are beginning to creep up again, but this time I'm not uttering a word. Don't fail me, Ubisoft.

  • I really like the Tekken games. Taken Tag is my favorite entry in the franchise. This is the sequel to Tekken Tag. Is there any more to say?

  • This game promises to be more Demon's Souls, and I couldn't be more excited. Also, its official website is called I mean, come on!

  • It's a Zelda game. Of course I'm on board.

  • Full disclosure: I have never played an X-COM game. I'm interested in this simply because of the pedigree of the developer, 2K Marin. Sure, many consider Bioshock 2 a bit of a failure; but it only fails measured against the legacy of its predecessor. Judged in a vacuum, it's a good game in its own right, and I'm interested in seeing what Marin does with an IP that carries a significantly less amount of clout than something like Bioshock.

  • Yes, I am interested in playing a Sesame Street game. No, I don't have a Kinect yet. Yes, this is all because it's being developed by Double Fine. No, I am not going to apologize.