Childhood Games

A collection of games I played as a wee child.

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  • I admit I never played the N64 version as a kid. I know a lot of people prefer the N64 version to this due to the censoring and some of the lifeless character models. However, both of those factors don't affect the experience at all for me. This will always be one of my favorite games! (The only complaints I have about this game is that one part in the Barn Boys chapter where you have to cut the wires before the water gets electrocuted, and the part in the Spooky chapter where you have to bring the keys to the entrance. The reason I don't like the electrical water part is because the wires were always hard for me to find and aim on, and I don't like the key part because while I was playing the game again through Backwards Compatibility on my Xbox 360, every time I dropped off the tinyest ledge, it would teleport my key back to where I found it (but that may have been an emulation bug))