Top 10 Causes of Death in Gears of War 2 Insane Difficulty

I recently completed Insane mode on Gears of War 2 by myself and considered all the times I got wasted. I died a whole lot from start to finish, and while it didn't go as badly as I thought . . . it was a rough ride. I figure I'll also use this as a chance to test out the list feature and see if I can actually get it to work. I'll start simple with a top ten, because ten is a nice number. And I guess, as a warning just in case, this will contain spoilers. Cause . . . it's through the whole game. For those people who haven't beaten Gears of War 2 and somehow haven't found out already, you've been warned. Heh.

Basically, any time I had to restart at a checkpoint is counted as a death for some perspective.

List items