Obligatory Favorite Games List

Everyone should have one. I'm pretty sure it's required by law anyway. I hear they kick you out of Giant Bomb if you haven't at least thought about making one. After all, your brain can't remember everything forever.

List items

  • If you ever asked me one of those "one game on a desert island" question or "you can only play one game for the rest of your life" I would answer Advance Wars 2.

  • I have played this game to death and that probably makes it a zombie if zombies were actually in this game. Let me give you an example. I beat this game using nothing but pistols. Why? Because I couldn't stop playing it.

    Also, Verdugo is one scary son of a bitch. I wouldn't dare ruin the encounter with a Rocket Launcher.

  • Beyond the memes and Slippy's epic incompetence, Star Fox 64 is such a great game. Multiple routes, great bosses, short but effective voice acting, barrel rolls (damn it), and the craziest submarine I've ever seen. It's where I got my user name. Lots of respect for this game.

  • Crazy, Japanese, and completely off the wall dungeon design. Ghost Toys Castle, Festival Temple Castle, and the Gourmet Submarine Castle made for an unforgettable adventure. Great music too.

  • The sheer number of awesome guns in this game has yet to be beaten by anything I've seen so far in my natural life. The laptop gun is always on top.

  • This game ruined the third grade for me. It's my favorite Zelda game.

  • Super Mario RPG introduced me to the concept of RPGs. It also introduced hit points, stats, equipment, and Croco. Purple crocodiles with crocodile skin shoes have never been so entertaining.

  • I love music and I love games. Anytime I can combine them to have some simple fun is fine by me. Export option secured a great spot since I could play Highway Star without switching discs.

  • Best Mega Man game ever. Everything about this installment hits the right notes with me. Music, level design, robot masters- everything.

  • My first epic RPG. Also still one of the greatest.

  • Revenge of the Meta Knight and Great Cave Adventure is all that needs to be said.

  • I never beat this game because I was too busy starting over and making an entire party of Black Mages so I could burn everything. Then ninjas so I could ninja everything. Then archers so I could shoot from the other side of the map. And when I found guns I knew it was on.

  • I played a demo of this in a Best Buy and was blown away. It's one of the few games that reward you for driving head first into a horrible, horrible accident. Add a custom soundtrack and you got yourself a party. Right side slide with Garbage Truck for life.

  • Blind exploration has never been more fun. Before I could pull off a wall jump, I used to think the pit with the three green alien guys was inescapable. But that was okay, because I restarted this game many, many times. The crashed ship is my favorite area.

  • Speed on speed with speed-coated speed. This game is frustrating, but never to the point where I could actually hate it. Every moment was spent getting a little better until I could crush every track with Draq's Mighty Typhoon. It also has one of the best soundtracks I've ever heard. Infinite Blue and Osc-Sync Carnival- the best of the best.

  • I remember looking at maps of this game in some magazine and being totally hooked on the whole "infiltrate a base and fight quirky bosses". Then when I got it and reached Psycho Mantis, Metal Gear Solid was guaranteed to be unforgettable.

  • My friend bought me this for my birthday. I didn't really get around to playing it for half-a-year later or so. Man was I sorry for holding off for so long. Nuclear launch detected indeed.

  • Seven Force. Done.

  • I bought this on a whim after seeing Issac's cool space suit design. Now it's one of my favorite games with a remote control buzz saw. It doesn't really do anything new, but it does everything well...

    ...except those stupid turret gunner sections.

  • I was never a fan of Mega Man Legends, but Misadventures of Tron Bonne was a great time. My favorite part was the repeated attempts to rob a bank that always went wrong for some reason. Go Servbots! Go!

  • When I first got this game I could barely get past World 2. But whenever I got sick, I stayed home and played it. The first time I got to the weird cloud world and Kuribo's Shoe was magical.

  • My fondest memories of this game involve jumping in a tank for the first time and flattening every space bug that dared show its face on screen. Then I found a truck drawn howitzer. Fun times. Fun times.

  • So let's say you have a series of simple, addictive mini-games? Add a coating of Mario and it means I'll never be able to look away from the screen ever again.

  • Disco Train and Stickerbush Symphony are two reasons why I love this game.

  • One of the greatest Kirby games. You fight the sun and moon in this game and you kick their asses.

  • This game defies explanation in just about every way you cut it. But it has tons of great scenes, some great characters, and hideous laughter bringing about your untimely death. It also makes a "tricks are for kids" joke work.

    However, I do understand that it walks a fine line. You either love it, or hate it. I thought it was great

  • Bayonetta nearly creates its own category for expressing craziness. There's weird, crazy, and then there's Bayonetta. If you can get past the seemingly juvenile character design, there's lots of reasons to come back if mostly for the mean Japanese grading scale of perfection or bust.

  • A well paced game that is about as close to an Indiana Jones game as you can get without actually using Indiana Jones. It also has one of my favorite levels ever in the form of a massive train that you climb, jump, and shimmy your way to the front car- or die trying.

  • I'd be lying if I said I wasn't crazy about this game when it first came out. I got the Red version because it had a dragon-looking thing on it named Charizard. Running around trying to catch 'em all for the very first time was great.

    Cloyster (the clam looking thing with insane defense) is my favorite 'mon out of them all.

  • Man, what a fantastic game boy game. My favorite parts were the secret exits, branching paths, and treasure to search out in all the different levels. You could also change areas completely by hitting switches and other nonsense. The dragon hat was the best.

  • It took me a long time to get good at this game, but eventually I found a way to get through half of Clarie's story only using the knife on Zombies and saving up 300 pistol rounds. I saved the dual SMGs for the boss in Antarctica and gave Chris the three round burst pistol. Lots of fun ways to break this game.

  • This was a great game where you could sneak around all sorts of places like lighthouses, penthouses, missile silos, the NSA and more. One of my favorite things was grabbing guards and hearing the awesome conversations with Sam. One of which involves a guard who is totally psyched to be killed by what he thinks is a "ninja". Sam tries to explain otherwise but it doesn't work.

  • I don't how I forgot about this one for so long. The worlds in this game were so great. Especially the world where you explore the giant house. Not to mention you go to space. At the end, you trounce Wario- and boy did he look completely weird in this one.

  • Tetris for the Game Boy was pretty sweet. I don't think I have to say much more about that.

  • After playing through this a few times, I can comfortably say it's one of my favorite games. There are so many great moments in Isaac Clarke's second adventure that I feel confident giving it a spot.

  • It's a little hard to put this on a list considering I really just want to put it with Sonic and Knuckles. It was a complete package that way, but all the same it has plenty of great music and levels.

  • Home of the one and the only Flying Battery Zone. One of my favorite songs in all of video gaming. A strong follow up is Death Egg Zone.

  • My favorite game of the handheld Mario RPG series finally gives me the ability to play as Bowser, punching and burning my way to victory while stealing the plot. Not to mention Fawful makes a return appearance. The only thing I don't like about this game is the final boss, which involves a lame-ass pallet swap. But other than that, it's an amazingly solid game.

  • Usually I like to wait a lot longer before putting recent games like Gears of War 3 on a list like this... but I've put in enough time to unlock Chairman Prescott and nearly all of the Locust characters. Not to mention Beast Mode and a decent campaign with some cool locations, and serious improvement over the last two entries... I have to admit I really enjoy this game.

  • I loved the music in this game. My favorite character was Koopa, who was just a regular Koopa Trooper.

  • As reminded by the Bombcast, I loved Punch Out on the NES. I wasn't very good at it, as I could only get to Soda Popinski, and the version I had didn't have Mike Tyson as the last fight.

  • Yoshi's Island is probably one of my favorite games on the SNES. The music, boss fights, and egg tossing mechanic is burned into my brain. I manage to unlock all the special stages and mini-games. The only thing about this game I don't like is the whole Baby Mario thing... and what it would bring to the Mario series later on. But other than that, a solid, awesome game.

  • This game had some great music, and some of my favorite robot masters turned into internet navigating killing machines. Napalm Man, my absolute favorite, was hidden behind one bitch of a secret area where you had to win all of the boss chips throughout the game. I admit, I got a gameshark and cheated my way past that.

  • I had to revisit this game a few times before I was sure, but I like the three main characters and multiple views on the same events. Chris Lightfellow is my favorite of the bunch and pretty well done as far as female characters go. Her armor is pretty cool and she's effective at being a knight.

  • I feel like this game has a lot in common with Advance Wars with real-time slant thrown in when moving your units around. It's probably what Battalion Wars should have been on the Wii if you ask me. But either way, faux-WWII with giant tanks and lots of selectable characters makes this a pretty awesome game.

  • Usually I wait a lot longer before cementing a game as one of my favorites, but Anarchy Reigns has it all. I love the characters. I love the soundtrack. And I love all the chaos and insanity of the multiplayer. Great game.

  • After tried and tested, I can easily say that Sleeping Dogs is one of my favorite games. While a little short on the cutting edge, it does every so damn well that the adventures of Wei Shen in virtual Hong Kong has a lot of heart.

  • I realize I may be an edge case, but this was my first Far Cry game, and boy was it a damn good one. Great weapons, a cool world, and Pagan Min. I also sidestepped any major glitches or bugs. One of my favorite games for sure.

  • I don't even know where to begin. It's been a long road with this game. I would never say it's perfect, it has a lot of things that drive me crazy with some of the same problems these Souls/Borne games always seems to have. But the From Software character/enemy/stage design is something that is always on point. The weapons are great, and even though this game has Rom the Spider and launched with agonizing loading times... it also has an awesome top hat you can equip. I can't argue with that.