Games I've Finished 2017: Fear of real adult jobs edition

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  • Only 27 credits, I've still got it!

  • Pretty good. Played through veteran as a pure shaman, but I ran into the same problem I had with Titan Quest where I'd be able to kill everything really quickly, but couldn't take a hit for shit. Maybe I needed to bother upgrading my gear more often.

  • I kinda liked the early chapters, but once the train part started I got bored. That and my main battle strategy became survive long enough for Ramuh to kill everything.

  • Fucking fantastic, there's another 100 hours of my life down the drain.

  • I like your style, Double Dragon Neon.

  • Not sure why an antisocial loner like myself loves a game about forming bonds with others, but here we are. Maybe I’d be more into personal relationships if they led me to being able to summon a six-tittied Satan from my head.

  • Got all the endings. Starting to think I should go back and get the rest for the old Nier.


  • And I thought Moon Dwellers was easy. Mazinger Zero is god tier.

  • I don't remember how long ago I bought this, but I finally finished it. I liked it, but by the end the battles take so long to get through. The same was true of the first one though.

  • I imagine the ps2 version to be nigh unplayable these days, so a remake with Yakuza 0 fighting styles is welcome. The new additions were pretty good, though Majima everywhere gets a little annoying. That and it kinda blows the intensity of the actual storyline fights with Majima.

  • Finished it on Ultra violence with all the collectibles and weapon mods. Pretty fun, and I was surprised by how fast it felt compared to modern shooters.

  • Would probably be a better game if you could turn skills on and off since most of the time they just waste your mana. There also didn't seem to be a reason to even bother trying to use the cards that had high costs either.

  • Pretty cozy dungeon crawler.

  • Simple, but pretty fun. Will have to go back for the Token experience trophy at some point.