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Miss list

These are games that I've really looked forward to and for some reason just didn't get around to buying them, so I'm putting a list here so I can remember to pick them up eventually.

List items

  • I suck at RTS games and I probably always will, but I really want SC2 anyway, it seems pretty damn fun.

  • This got bashed quite a bit, but it seems like it'd be pretty entertaining with friends.

  • The demo annoyed the hell outta me, so many times I would get into first place only to be blasted at the last second and lose my position, but I still kept on playing. So I figure, why not buy it?

  • Everybody loves parkour.

  • Going through a bit of a role playing phase at the moment, but I meant to pick this up when it came out anyway.

  • I've been watching videos of Witcher 2, it made me want to see what the fuss was about the first one.