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Only 3 of my top 10 games were actually released in 2020; this list mixes them together.

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  • I think I cried for the entire last hour of this season. What an incredible way to close the series and our time with Clementine--especially considering that TellTale went bankrupt in the middle of development.

  • Control features the most satisfying combat I've ever found in a game. The mix of traversal powers, combat powers, and gunplay result in experiences that look cool and control well. The mysteries of the story delighted my intellect, but they didn't land emotionally as hard as some other on my list.

  • I luckily avoided obvious bugs during my playthrough. The main story, and the side stories for several NPCs were very moving and well acted--second only to The Walking Dead: The Final Season. However, Control had more memorable gameplay, which elevated it over this game.