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The games that made me want more

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  • The game that started it all for me. I actually beat this game once, in kindergarten. The first time I got to the end, in fact. I reached the final level two more times, but never beat it again. Triumphing over hours of attempts, having to pause the game most of the way through only to come back with it frozen and having to start all over again; that got me hooked. I fell in love with games and never looked back.

  • As much fun as I had with Borderlands, it left me feeling slightly empty. There was something missing in it that kept it from being truly great in my book.

  • I don't want more of Braid, in the sense that it said what it wanted to perfectly. I wish (I don't care if it's cliche to say this by now) I could forget about it all, and play it again from the beginning.

  • The creativity in the level design still amazes me. The Milkman Conspiracy makes me depressed when I think of the death of platformers...

  • Spectacularly under-rated (though the complaints are deserved) and has me begging for a sequel.

  • It never got old to me. I can still pop this in and have a great time, and I hope I can say the same for the next one.

  • Playing Machinarium is an engrossing experience, due to the art style and method of communication (thought bubbles with scenes that play out). Telling the story in that manner let me construct the story in little parts as I progressed through the puzzles. This is a game where the little things about the way characters act make it that much more enjoyable.

  • I loved the art style for this game, as well as the dialogue between Elika and the Prince. The combat took me a little while to get used to, and became repetitive at times, but the visual aspect of the game was so engrossing it didn't matter to me.

  • I bought the first one a few months before Mass Effect 2 came out, as soon as I heard of the save import feature. Since I finished my second playthrough not long before Mass Effect 2 came out, the characters and sidequests were still in my mind. I recognized all the random people who talk to you, and it gave me a sense of satisfaction to know that I had an impact on the second game (even in minor ways).

  • I still love this game, even if I don't come back to it very often. The balance, lack of reliance on gear, and wide variety of skill make for a dynamic PvP game, with an interesting PvE storyline as well. Looking forward to Guild Wars 2 with anticipation.