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Giant Bomblog Dreis - Seeking Avid Greed Corp Players

I've recently been getting back to a Live Arcade title that was a first day purchase for me, Greed Corp. For those of you not in the know, Greed Corp was a hex-based strategy game that was simple, easy to pick up, but with as much room for strategic diversity as Chess. There are very few actions that can be taken; either producing units, harvesting an area, loading and firing cannons at our opponents, or purchasing airlifts so your armies can traverse the canyons that form throughout the game from excessive mining. The end result is triumphant in its quest to provide a vast level of strategic depth that is accessible and easy to keep track of.  
My question is this. Are there any of you out there in the Bomb-dom that enjoyed this title as much as I have and would like to arrange some friendly social matches from time to time? The game is an absolute gas and is best played with friends and community, it would be an absolute joy to make a few acquaintances and step up my strategy game a little bit. If you're new or haven't even played before but are interested, don't be shy, I'd be happy to help teach some of the more advanced strategies that aren't discussed in the game's on-board tutorial.