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Tree Fortin' in the 21st century

I've been putting quite a bit of time into the Giant Bombcraft Minecraft server, lately. From the Crater City to the H.P. Lovecraft inspired town of Kingsport, I've put in a pretty hefty amount of hours collaborating with a great community of people dedicated to fun and creativity. My most recent project has been the construction of a tree village in the valley below YoctoYotta's cliff-top castle. Now, the anchor tree, the main tree which will connect the rest of the tree-top homes together, has been completed.

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I have put in some additional work on a couple of connected trees as a sort of proof of concept for the theme of the area. Random blocks of Lightstone are nestled amongst the branches as "Brightberries" giving the tree its own natural luminescence at night.
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The berries even light up the interior, giving a pleasant glow to the spiral staircase that connects the entire village to the ground floor.
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With the completion of the main tree, I am opening up the treetop village to community collaboration status. A few examples of tree-top homes have been established already, but please feel free to use your creativity to come up with a natural-looking abode that incorporates wood, leaves, and berries in a clever and organic-looking way. Feel free to construct additional trees around the Great Tree and connect them to the rest of the village as you see fit. I'm looking forward to what this can become, so drop on by if you're interested.