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New Video Review On The Way

I am just putting the finishing touches to my video review of Resistance 2. It should be available tomorrow and it looks significant'y better than my last one with alot more attention to detail and game footage I captured myself now I finally have my PS3 back and working.


Guitar Hero Video

Had a quick session on GHWT last night and decided to record it so here's the video. I wasn't playing as well as I normally do but oh well still had a blast :D



Better Late Than Never I Guess..

Finally today my new siny 80GB PS3 turned up and I am pleased to say that so far all seems to be well, I hope it continues the same way from now on otherwise I am gonna be seriously pissed. Also to confirm for the UK market at least the 80GB PS3 is not backwards compatible at all, you insert a PS2 disk and you get a ? where the CD icon appears then a message saying something along the lines of "This PS3 can not play PS2 or PS1 media". A shame but no real loss either as I don't play PS2 games all that much and if I really want to play PS2 stuff then I can get the PS2 Slimline console for around £20.


First Video With My Dazzle

Before my PS3 bit the dust I managed to record a quick video of WipEout HD the resolution is a bit off but I didn't have time to really play with it enough to get the optimum settings. For a first attempt I am very pleased with the results. The video can be seen above in the About Me secion :)
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