Consider donating to a good cause?

First off all, I know this is gonna sound kinda spammy and like I'm begging for money, but i'm doing a bit of charity work and would at least just like to spread the word.

So I'm doing this event at University where myself and three others are going to be dropped off in the middle of nowhere and have to find our way back to Uni within 36 hours without spending a penny. This means hitchhiking rides off strangers and trying to get on the bus and trains for free. This all happens next Saturday on the 4th February.

Any contributions you could send us will be sent to four different charities, Teenage Cancer Trust Fund, Roundtable Children's Wish, Margaret Green Animal Rescue and The Royal British Legion. Now they're all really good charities but Teenage Cancer Trust is the one I care about the most, this is because my close friend was diagnosed with leukemia during the Christmas holidays. When I went to visit him I saw the equipment in the hospital ward was donated by the Teenage Cancer Trust which is probably the first time that I've ever seen where charity money goes to. So I feel pretty strongly about this charity and knowing that the money I'm raiding could potentially help my friend along with thousands of other children with cancer.

If you do feel generous and want to donate a few pounds I'd be more than grateful or if you could at least spread this link around a bit, I have week to donate as much money as I can.

Anyway, if you don't want to donate that is OK, you can still go on that page on February 4th and can track my progress. We'll also be filming this little adventure and I'll definitely upload it here once its done.

Thanks for reading this, I know this may seem like a long shot posting this on here, but every little helps, and if you're feeling generous I'd be grateful for any donations.