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  • only game in January ;_;

  • Doom 3 is good. Doom 3 is also way too long and feels like a waste of time when you could be playing, you know, DOOM. But i still think it's good. Maybe.

    only game in February ;_;

  • I'm blown away at how touching and immersive this games story is. I've always liked the god of war games but this cements the series as one of the best.

  • There's a lot i don't like about Doom Eternal but most of that fades away once the combat starts. There is an excellent playground full of wonderful toys here but the game feels afraid to use them. It'll happily fuck me with shitty platforming but it's too afraid to fuck me with Marauders. I mean seriously, they're the most interesting enemy and you encounter them only a handful of times.

  • I streamed my first time playing this and barely absorbed anything about it.

  • Boy, this game just would not end. Not that I wasn't enjoying it, but I was dying to know how they set up the rest of the remake. I have doubts about the road ahead but obviously I'm down for the ride.

    I still can't believe they did it. They actually remade it. I had to stop and admire the character models so many times because it didn't feel real. After so many years of wanting it, after mistaking that PS3 tech demo for a remake announcement, I'd be clamoring for this and they finally did it.

    I felt like a kid playing this again and I hope that feeling continues in the following chapters. God damn I can't get over how good this game has made me feel.

  • The actual game parts of this really wore me down, should have watched the cut scenes on youtube.

    Super high production values but maybe not the most interesting story that could be told. I grew to like Abby over time, and the climax to the story satiated my desire to see her rot but I think I would have preferred a story that didn't spend half it's time characterising people who had already died.

  • Before my recent spelunky rush, I had put 15 ISH hours into it and while it never clicked with me, I would still occasionally come back to it.

    As of now I've put 93 hours into it. Fuck. To think this game has been sitting in my library for so long and I've just been sleeping on it is insane. This game is fantastic. Maybe if spelunky 2 wasn't mere hours away id go for all the achievements but for now, I'm good. Maybe there's another spelunky wave still to come for me but for now I'm content with beating he'll.

    I think I still like FTL more....but this is a close 2nd when it comes to rogue like

    Message #goty-old-game-2020

  • Kojima's weirdness is really his defining trait now. I guess it always has but like, he used to be good at characters too. There are characters here but like, all their interactions are stilted and missing something. It's all really weird too, and that's fine i guess. I'm happy Kojima is being Kojima and making something.It's hard to know what I want from him, I want him to build upon something but I'm not sure Death Stranding should be that thing, but who knows. Metal Gear was such a unique thing that was brilliant at telling a story as well as being a fun video game. What happened to the awesome bosses that made me love Kojima games. Since MGSV his games have taken this weird turn of disconnected dialogue, halfway silent protagonists and shakey cam. the weird shaky cam techmique he's adopted is so weird. like, it kinda works, it kinda doesn't? If the rumoured horror game he's working on is true then I can see his visual style working in that context.

  • I really went through the spectrum of emotion with this one. What started as a fun revisiting of a childhood classic slowly lead to a sisyphean nightmare. Not only did i have to play the begining of the game at least half a dozen times (between messing with mods and not realising i need to launch as admin to save the game) and then actually playing it. It's still fun.... for a bit. I did enjoy poking around the systems but the mid game onwards is a huge slog.

    Still, I want this style of god game to return. There's something great in the systems designed here (given the time anyway) it's just that when it came to designing a game around those systems, the people at lionhead just straight up did a bad job.

  • Took some time to re-adjust to a more traditional souls game than Sekiro, but as I sit here running through the chalice dungeons, about to enter NG+2, I just gotta say...


  • Cinematically, this game turns it up a notch compared to the previous game. It's smaller, but the story it tells is awesome. Really smart for them to introduce Miles in his own, smaller adventure, looking forward to a full length game wherein him and Peter work as a team.

  • Cut it close this year D: