Top 7 games of 2020

This list sucks. I barely played anything new this year. I suppose that makes sense, given the state of my personal war economy. I've definitely not had as much money to dump on games as I normally do and this list certainly reflects that. In fact, as I type this, I'm reminded to return Cyberpunk 2077. A game which is going to cost me a lot more than fifty dollary doos to run in an acceptable manner.

Honourable Mentions to:

Persona 5: Royal. I unfortunately only had room for one 70+hour JRPG this year, and that one was a remake of one of my favourite games of all time... That being said, I'm 30 hours in, The investigation team is in full effect and I look forward to finishing this next year.

Watch Dogs: Legion. Ubisoft has done an outstanding job creating a facsimile of London. I cannot stress how much I loved the city of Watch Dogs: Legion. If the game part was actually good it would have made top 5 easily.

Last of Poop Two. This game straddles a fine line between being complete horseshit and good enough that I'll keep it installed and slowly chip away at the platinum. # EllieShouldHaveKilledAbbyAlsoThatEllieBossFightIsTheStupidestShitEver

List items

  • They fucking somehow knocked this one out of the park. Sure, there are plenty of indicators that could very well signify the plot is about to become an unholy Kingdom Heart-Esque mess but they held it together for one game, and 2020 can't take that away from me!

  • There's so much I dislike about this game but thankfully **most** of it doesn't get in the way of some bad ass demon killing awesomeness.

    Also It's saying something that the Maruader is so awesome I'm able to overlook Doom Guys stupid talking flashback.

  • I barely made it half way through this before getting burned out. Probably didn't help that I had played 60 hours of the first game right before this but regardless, I look forward to returning to this on the Switch. Derek Yu take my money.

  • Despite being a smaller in scope, not quite sequel to 2018s Spider-Man, Miles Morales might be a better game for its story alone. That and a killer soundtrack by Jaden Smith.

  • The **real** best roguelike that didn't actually come out this year

  • Superhot is the most innovative shooter I've played in years.