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A fine use of a few weeks of your life 0

People have been talking about crossing an FPS with an MMO for a while now and the game that usually springs to mind is Huxley. With that nowhere in sight, the bar has already been set very high by Borderlands. Combining an incredibly solid shooter with the quest structure of an MMO, a great set of random drops and a well implemented levelling system has worked out really well and made for a pretty unique experience.  I've spent a little over 30 hours with Borderlands, finishing the quest and al...

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It's hard to put into words 0

You can't review a game 3 days after its release date and call it 'the best game I have ever played' and expect people to take you or your reviews seriously from that point onwards. I am aware of this. The fact that I even have to be thinking about this says a lot about how much I liked Uncharted 2.  The original Uncharted was my introduction to the PS3 and having sat down overnight with a friend and played right through it I was very impressed. There was some trouble with the combat, with enemi...

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Worth a play but not without its problems. 2

Let's get the important part out of the way right up front: Brutal Legend is a funny, funny game. I liked the story a lot and was glad to see how well Double Fine have captured the ridiculousness of Metal music and lyrics without making fun of them at any point.  While the fact that Brutal Legend is or at least includes elements of a real time strategy game has been made publicly available knowledge for many months now, the demo released on XBL seems almost to be deliberately misleading, contain...

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Still good, but the franchise probably needs a third reboot now. 0

The original Tomb Raider is still one of my favourite games of all time and the recent PSN rerelease showed me that the original is still pretty much playable thirteen years after the fact. I feel that the series dropped off significantly with every game from there onwards, hitting absolute rock bottom with Angel of Darkness. Tomb Raider Legend was an absolute breath of fresh air and was one of my favourite games of the 360's launch year. Anniversary kept up that level of quality and kept me gid...

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