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Another unexpected 2021 thing: getting WAY back into original Xbox

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Controversial List of Developers Whose Games I Just Don't Like

Over the years I've seen the cycle of excitement-to-disappointment repeat for a handful of studios no matter how much I promise it'll be different. That's not to say these studios make bad games or are bad teams, I'm just noting the ones whose games I regularly don't enjoy myself.

List items

  • Bayonetta 1 was fiiiiine but beyond that I've not enjoyed anything their A or B (or C?) teams have done.

  • They make gorgeously animated games and are frequently backed up by great music from Jake "Virt" Kaufman but I just don't like the way they feel once I'm playing.

  • Be it the FPS horror of Moon and Dementium or 2D platforming with a twist, I haven't loved any of their games so far.

  • The team's progenitor, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game, was the first and only thing I've loved but even that kinda doesn't count?

  • This one is borderline just plain don't like all around. I've never gotten into the gameplay of their titles... but at least their stuff has always been super colorful.

  • Never been a fan of point and click adventure games. It only took the first half hour of The Walking Dead: Episode 1 to confirm I wasn't into their newfangled take on the classic genre.

  • Rocket: Robot on Wheels was really something special but after that, nah. Sly and Infamous just aren't my thing.