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E3 Blog (since I didn't do it on GS :P)

Well, I might as well sum up my feelings on E3. I'll start by saying that Sony dominated this year. Plain and simple. Microsoft a "meh" second, and Nintendo in miserable last.

After watching their press conference (the only one I've watched; I worked all during E3), I kinda want to get a PS3 :P I was already starting to yearn for it, but man, after I saw things like MAG, AC2 (which I could get on the 360, but still...), and Uncharted 2, I really want it! It's nice to see that Sony isn't completely bombing this gen, as I had begun to fear a few months back. Things that stuck out to me in their conference were:
Uncharted 2
ModNation Racers (actually looked fun :o)
and even GoW3 looked awesome, though I wasn't much of a fan of the first GoW

I currently own a 360, so I'm already aware of what I'm looking forward to. Though, they did show some pretty cool stuff I wasn't expecting, like Left 4 Dead 2 (which is coming out exactly 1 year after the first L4D oddly enough). I haven't played the first L4D, but I've already ordered it online and will be playing it in a week or so. Looks good. Otherwise, most of what I want in the future of 360 games already had been announced (or released loads of info on), like BioShock 2, RB Beatles, AC2, Halo 3: ODST, etc. Here's what I'm looking forward to for the 360:
BioShock 2
RB The Beatles
Halo 3: ODST
Modern Warfare 2

Well, technically I also own a Wii (it's really my entire family's console) but I never play it. I have only played a handful of SSBB, and nothing more :P So I'm not too psyched about theirs (don't think anyone was lol). Though, I will say my desire to get a DS is also on the rise. Mostly because of The Castlevania games, but also for Golden Sun DS. I've never played the GBA ones, but I really liked what I saw of GS1, so it's only natural I would be attracted to GSDS. Things that I'm interested in for the Nintendo consoles are:
New Super Mario Bros.
FFCC: Crystal Bearers
KH: 358/2
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

Things that were lame:
(MS): Project Natal; Tony Hawk's Ride; social networking/XBL stuff
(SONY): Motion controls; FFXIV Online
(NIN): Women's Murder Club (WTF?); Wii Vitality Sensor


Here...suspensions are kinda lame.

Not gonna lie, I really only come to GB when GS suspends me. I got  1 day of suspension ahead, all for calling political correctness gay >_>. Yeah...that's pretty much all I wanted to say :P


Why punish me for my vices?

I had to bring this from GS since they locked this topic and suspended me for 5 days there. This is serious, no harm intended and hopefully, no harm done.


I am a drug user. I make no excuses, I am what I am. I used to be ashamed to admit it, even guilty that I did it, but now I am unashamed, unembarrassed, and completely fine with it. It's my vice, just as sex is someone else's vice, and alcohol is yet another person's vice.

We all have our habits, but why is it that my "habit" is to be looked down upon, while other people's habits (such as playing video games or going to the bar to drink on the weekends) are seen as socially acceptable? I'm sure many of you will say "Drugs are detrimental to your health" or "Drug users are idiots", but why? Do you know every last detail about the effects of every single drug? Do you know just who each drug user really is as a person? Probably a "no" to both of those.

Now I've studied up extensively on all these chemicals. It's not as though I'm popping pills and snorting powders at whim, I look up their effects. And not from government sites, but rather from first-hand knowledge, people's stories, accounts, records, and journals (which provide all the right information in my opinion).

We've all been raised to believe that psychoactive substances are evil. We are told that smoking marijuana will cause us to start using every other drug, that drinking alcohol will lead us to hurt the ones we love, that snorting cocaine will make us immediate addicts. None of those statements are true. Yet that's why our parents, teachers, and government tells us. The funny thing about every single psychoactive substance (even hallucinogenic drugs like LSD and mescaline) is that they all have medical applications.

I have tried numerous substances, ranging from the soft drugs like marijuana and alcohol, to the hard and "dangerous" drugs like heroin and cocaine. I have never been addicted to anything. I have never committed any violent crime or act of vandalism. I haven't hurt anyone around me. I've done nothing but be careful, both for myself and for others, yet the federal government will be more than happy to put me in jail if I were to just be carrying any amount of these substances. Why?

Why is my vice punishable, while other vices like sex and alcohol use go uncared about? I consider my use of psychoactive chemicals no worse than someone going out and having sex, or going home and playing a PS3 game. There are health risks in all of these things (yes, video games do affect your health, albeit in minor ways), yet they merely put out warnings on these supposed "acceptable" acts, and go straight to punishment for my "unacceptable" acts.

I don't see this as right. Nor do I find it right that people go around calling drug users "idiots", or any other derogatory term. As far as I'm concerned, everyone has at least one thing that they get pleasure out of. Mine is drugs. What's wrong with that?


Finally beat Spyro the Dragon

I finally did it. It took me several attempts and much frustration, but I finally took down Gnasty Gnorc. I never beat this game fully before so this was a real treat for me. I even went all out and finished the game 100% (every dragon, every gem, every egg). So now I wonder, should I move on to Ripto's Rage, or stick with the games I should be playing (Lost Odyssey, Windwaker, Brawl)


Rejected :(

After a few days of waiting, hoping for some sort of response, I got what I asked for when I submitted a brief overview of The Legend of Dragoon. However, it wasn't what I was really hoping for. I got...REJECTED!!! *cues lighting and thunder*. It's only a matter of time before I get either more rejections or maybe (I hope) some Approvals. Being stuck at 6 points

Anyway, that's all I wished to blog about. As you can no doubt tell, I only blog about the most important of matters :P


People need to calm down

This is an interesting trend I've noticed lately, especially with Giant Bomb up and running: People on both Gamespot and Giant Bomb just can't stop bitching. It's either about the other site, or about people on the other site. GS's Off-Topic board has at least 1 GB topic (good or bad....usually the latter) and GB's Off-Topic board is much the same, only they talk of GS.

Why are people so hung up on this crap? They are just video game websites. They don't affect anyone's life in a dramatic way, yet they feel they have to bitch and moan about the flaws on one or how much the other sucks.

Let me ask you this: Do these gaming sites honestly affect your life in any way? Could you go on and live a normal life without GS or GB (or other sites for that matter)?
I think we all could, but hey, human nature tells us otherwise...


I is here

They called me Shiggums....and Shigginator, Shiggy, Shig, Shiggs, Shiggidy, etc. I chose Shigginator, for what reason, I don't know. Anyway, I'm here, how often I can't say. Anyway, yeah, I did cave in.

EDIT: and how do these lists work? Damn my confuzzled nature...