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Here's to Ryan

Among all the personalities that encompass the video games industry, Ryan Davis was one of the most influential. He held such weight in conversations that a mere mention of some dumb thing he saw or heard would spark a long string of Twitter replies. There's no doubt that he brought obscure things to the attention of many; Cards Against Humanity comes to mind for me.

One of the few times I met him was after Rock Band Night this year. He was next to Jeff and I just awkwardly came over to shake his hand. "I'm not going to shake your hand," he said and left me hanging for a few seconds. Then he relented, shook, and struck up a small conversation. Him ribbing me a bit was one of the more remarkable moments of an already amazing night.

Browsing through other people's stories about him, one thing is clear: no matter if you were a seasoned industry vet or an amateur fan, every interaction he had with others was a memorable one. He's one of those guys that you instantly respected and was very easy to admire.

So, here's to Ryan Davis, a sarcastic gentleman and a Summerjam scholar.

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Setting up my blog.

I know I know, I should have registered with the site ages ago. What matters is that I have an account now, right? In any event, my name is Sidfiou and I enjoy games.   Games such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect 2, and other two's, to name a few.
One last thing I'd like to mention is that I'm involved in a podcast that comes out typically every Tuesday called "Refresh and Reload." You can find the homepage for it at
Thank you for looking at this and for letting me plug some stuff.