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Worth playing. 0

*This review started on 8/18/2008 and took a few entries.*Yup, I'm that one person who hasn't played this game. True, I did try it way back in May but I had other games on my mind then. It didn't help that I hated how the textures would load slowly or the draw distance was messed up. That and I didn't care for the car physics. I know they did one update for MP but maybe they did another to the textures because I rarely see it now and the draw distance is fine. I had to get use to the cars but it...

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Great way to get you excited. 0

*This review was done Aug 18, 2008."Since I'm dieing for Fable II, this was a no brainer. Don't hurt that it was free either. I mainly played for the items and some gold. I will admit I used the Fortune's Tower cheat but I didn't QQ on the forums about how it ruined this or that. After reading the forum this past week, some people just need to get on with their lives. I still had to win the other two tournaments on my own so I don't feel guilty....

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Old game play. 0

This must've came out when the 360 did cause the fighters are not impressive. The backgrounds are at least decent. The sound is average and you might as well mute it and why do some fighters talk in Japaneses and others in English? The game gets pretty hard near the end of the Arcade mode to the point of being almost unfair. I really don't like the juggle the fighter in the air cheapness. I found the fighters to to be about the same and quite bland....

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Unfriendly. 0

First off, I like most rap music. I like guys like t-pain and e-40 and that sean paul guy isn't bad. Anyway, the visuals are good and the sound is great. The controls are good for the fighting and enjoy how well the fighters moved. I don't know if I missed it or what but I saw no help in using the enviroment during fights. You would think game modes like Build A Label would actually teach you some basic game parts but eh, guess I wasn't thug enough to care....

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Best with coop. 0

*This review is from June 29, 2008.*I played half of Act I when it came on the PC so I had a basic understanding of the game. My buddy did beat it on the PC a couple months ago so at least I had a guide. He hosted and went with hardcore. I could rant all night about the team AI but I will just say it needs to be fixed and really annoyed us during our playing. When you had to split up and take a AI with you, well, they are 100% worthless so it made those bits tougher then it should. Then you add ...

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Very polished and great coop. 0

*This review is from June 29, 2008.*Played solo on normal and got all the skulls. I've played the previous games on the PC so playing on the 360 took a bit to get use to. I really like the dual wield! The story was kinda hard to follow but the length of the levels was about right. I wish there was a full level with the tank or the fighter/air plane thing. Playing on normal, the enemies were quite stupid and I pretty much had no trouble.Just this past Friday, another friend got a 360 so that made...

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A dud. 0

I'm a fan of fighting games with a lot of Tekken 2 hours under my belt. Visually the game is stunning and the sounds are decent. There are plenty of characters to choose from and the customize system is pretty neat. The story and arcade modes are very short so it's a good thing the loading times are no longer then 5-10 seconds. I don't like the ring out system at all. It's a very cheap way of winning or losing. The tower mode is alright but sometimes it can get too hard unless you have a very sp...

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A fun one and done. 0

I heard this game had decent fist fights and bad gunplay. The visuals and sound are great and the controls are good. When in a fist fight with a regular joe, it's pretty much a game of hitting X or Y and doing a block here and there. The take downs are nice but I wish you could control what you do during them. For example, your next to a wall, a barrel, and a crate. I wish it would bring up a menu and you would press the button that overlays the thing. Sometimes I would be right next to the wall...

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Not as bad as some would say. 0

I'm a fan of Hellboy and the first movie (still waiting to see the second) so I was curious to see how well the game was. Visuals are nice and the sound is decent. Controls could use some fine tuning. There are a few bugs in the game and the most annoying one is the grapping the enemy one. It really don't become a factor until later in the game and can be very annoying when dealing with the larger creatures. Nearly as annoying is having to reload after every shot. Hellboy has a six shot revolver...

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Let the series stay dead. 0

Sometimes you come across a game that is so bad in so many ways that you just have to tell someone about it.  To help make sure they don't buy it, rent it, or play it at all.  This game is not fun at all, it is just a poor game with so many things wrong.  I've looked at several forums and pretty much 9/10 threads if there is that many to begin with are negative or rants about the game.  I will try to keep this brief.  The visuals aren't bad per say but the color choice is awful.  Something that ...

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Total Bore. 0

The Total War series might have started off with Shogun but there was no reason to go back to that setting again.  The series has always increased the size of the map and added new elements to help fill it up.  At first glance you'll think the map in Shogun 2 is huge but it really isn't.  Even worse is that the east part of the island is made up of 4-5 huge sections and not broken up a bit more like the central part of the map.  Its cool that the campaign map has the new visuals and they look gr...

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Best game on the PSP. 0

This is the type of game the PSP really needs.  Not more JRPGs, not horrible first person shooters that control like shit.  If you have a PSP, this is the game you should be playing.  So do like I did and dust off the PSP pos and play this game!  The game does seem to lag a bit but the nub is actually useful for once and its easy to aim the birds....

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Cutscenes with a bit of gaming. 0

Do you love cutscenes?  If so, this game has hours of it.  I'm serious!  For every 5-10 minutes worth of game play, there is a cutscene.  To me, it destroys the flow of the game so badly that you'll be skipping cutscenes just to get back to the action.  I gave the game half a star for the ability to skip them.  The actual game play is fun but it could do with a bit less of the platforming because the camera will make you sick.  The camera is stuck and does mess up the controls when it wildly swi...

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Great but at a price. 0

After that silly attempt to be a simuation, Shift, instead of what the series has always been about, its great to see that the series can still be fun.  Even better is that they left out the cheesy flat chested nobody FMV.  However, the game does cheat and cheat all the time.  They do this so every race, every pursuit is intense and a fight to the last mile.  And I really mean last mile because at that point, the AI will stop cheating.  I have to admit that in this game, the cheating does seem t...

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Scripted bore. 4

Everything in the solo campaign is scripted.  If you move up too fast, you can actually shoot enemies and they won't die because they aren't "valid" because their script hasn't started.  In that same theme, enemies will spawn in certain areas to supposedly make a tense event.  Sure is amazing how many guys hide behind a door even thou you can see that its clear until you walk thru.  The CoD series is no longer exciting.  You can see scripted events coming up, you can even guess what will happen ...

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Boring and pointless. 3

Remember when we all groaned when yet another WWII FPS was released?  Well, now it's time to do that again for modern FPS.  How many times will we have to do the War on Terror?  It's already stale, devs are already out of ideas.  You will feel that you have already played MoH because you have in MW2.The combat is the same.  The maps are the same tiny linear path bore.  Usually no way to actually flank enemies, you just wait for them to go out in the open and move forwards.  Your AI buddies are j...

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Milking cow enabled. 1

Its all very simple, the game is 90% unchanged from the first game and thats not a good thing.  When the first game came out, it didn't need to be perfect or even great to be a success as it was 'different' and 'fresh'.  A lot has changed since then and now, Dead Rising 2 is a shallow experience.  Instead of using current technology to allow us the use of a town or at least part of a city, we are again stuck in a mall.  A mall that is quite frankly boring.  Most stores you'll only ever go in onc...

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You can Claptrap me all night long. 0

I don't think anyone would have guessed of another DLC this long after the third came out during winter.  The last one was tough but the rewards were great.  I always thought the Ninja Claptrap would be the story for the second game but I wonder if they decided that it would've been a little weak.  No matter what the cause, the DLC is a great buy.  I find it funny as hell how they made different versions of the claptrap.  I was a bit sad that they didn't have a large, mech, type claptrap.  The n...

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UFC too much for the PSP. 0

UFC is a complicated game with many many controls to master.  Striking, clinching, and ground game all require a whole set of moves which requires a lot of buttons.  A console controller can manage it but its still a pain.  The PSP is missing two buttons and a stick.  It does not help that the nub it has is the suck and the d-pad isn't suited for a game like UFC.  Trying to control your fighter is more of a challenge then the AI.  Like any Sony controller, the PSP is made for small hands so us w...

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The time killer is here. 0

The sheer amount of time you can invest in this game and still have a new experience dwarfs anything on the PC, including WoW.  When you add in mods and customizing anything you want, well, it could be a new game every day if you wanted.  Civ V will eat your time up and will impact your life because you will simply be so engrossed that you will need to set a timer to remind you that you have to go to work, eat, sleep, or pee.     The visuals are awesome if you have the money and power.  But, if ...

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More then just a game. 0

You know that feeling when you are about to watch a movie that is so grand, so epic that you have goose bumps?  Halo Reach will do that and will do it for the entire game.  Love it or hate it, make no mistake that Halo is the current top dog in video games.  What Mario and Sonic was to 1980s and 90s, Halo is the current top dog.  Not only in terms of sales but also hype, devotion, and hate.  The amount of jealousy and hate that the PS3 fans come up with at the mention of Halo is a sure sign that...

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Pink in the center. 9

Some people like pink in their food and others like it when its more gray.  When it comes to video games, I think most of us would like a really good gray aka finished game.  I think after a few more patches, the game will be finished but that don't mean its worth playing now.  Currently there are three updates not including a hot fix that was added to the second patch since it broke a unit or two.  They aren't just patching bugs but also the UI and other things in the game.  Its nice but makes ...

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Good enough. 0

I've never played a Splinter Cell game before and I usually avoid stealth games as thats not my style.  However, this game I gave a chance as I heard many good things about it and it seemed the only bad stuff was from die hard nerds who didn't like this little detail or blah blah.  I liked the first 1/3 part of the game where I think stealth was the main focus of the game.  It was a simple game of hide n' gun.  Then they started adding gadgets which were alright but I didn't want to spend half t...

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Quick time o-plenty. 0

For seven hours I put up with this crap.  After only a couple hours, I knew this game would never get really fun but more annoying.  I sure was right.  For a ninja, this guy moves like crap.  I was so sick of wall running or just any of the time killing BS.  The combat never got cool or fun.  I spent more time running and fighting bosses or mini bosses.  And gawd was that tedious crap.   Upgrading weapons didn't seem to have an effect.  The quick time events were so long and so many of them, I w...

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Starcraft 2 = play it, beat it, and forget it. 1

Without the name Starcraft 2 or Blizzard attach to this game, it would be a decent RTS but nothing more.  Factor in only one race story and people would hate on any other RTS.  You can't compare this with the first game as that was a COMPLETE game while this one is a third.  At $60, I find it very hard to recommend this unless you simply live for MP RTS.  I simply can not understand how it took over a decade for this game.  When we get it, its incomplete and not very different from the first gam...

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Filled a empty genre. 0

I don't know how many games like this are on the Xbox 360 but if we could get more it sure be nice.  The game don't try too hard to make a newbie very welcome but with some patience and maybe some Google searches, you'll soon be able to get the basics and have fun.  The visuals are neither wow or subpar.  They function well with the zoom which has quite a range of close up and far views.  The animations of building shops and other buildings is pretty generic as is the car/truck traffic.  People ...

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Massive patch needed. 1

This years version is a sloppy glitch filled cheating waste of $60.  The game will constantly cheat you by gliding players to make catches or block you.  It's all very apparent when you use the replay system.  How many times have you come around the offensive line to be magially held in place before an AI player will glide over to block you?  How many times have you seen an AI WR glide to a ball that they had no chance to make?  How many time have you seen the AI QB throw the ball the same time ...

5 out of 6 found this review helpful.