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Scripted bore.

Everything in the solo campaign is scripted.  If you move up too fast, you can actually shoot enemies and they won't die because they aren't "valid" because their script hasn't started.  In that same theme, enemies will spawn in certain areas to supposedly make a tense event.  Sure is amazing how many guys hide behind a door even thou you can see that its clear until you walk thru.  The CoD series is no longer exciting.  You can see scripted events coming up, you can even guess what will happen most of the time.  
They still have not fix friendly AI from walking in front of you while you are firing.  The friendly AI will still allow the enemy to flank you and come right up behind you even if one of your squad mates just ran RIGHT BY THE ENEMY!  Your squad won't move up until you have reach a certain point.  It truely is a chore just to play it.
The grenade explosions are seriously underpowered and look/sound like little puffs of smoke.  I could see no difference in the gun's accuracy between anything besides a sniper.  And man, you just gotta love the death animations.  Just stupid.  When will they add realistic ones?  
The vehicle levels again lack any excitement.  The rockets appear weaker then the guns, the explosions are just weak.  The boat one was probably the best but its quick and isn't worth playing again.  CoD still can't recreate the MW1's AC-130 level.
While the story is better then MW2's, its still over dramatic, still comparable to a 80s Steven Seagal movie.  All the flashing lights, all the quick flashing images is just annoying and makes you skip the crap.
Finally the ending is just lame.  No grand boss fights, no details on the sleeper cells, no details on what happens, just smash the thumb sticks and thats it.  Game over with another scripted fight.
The CoD series is stale and full of itself.  People will forget the solo and buy it for the MP which is fine but to think of it as a GOTY for anything but MP is a real look on how broken the industry is.  If you are buying this to play countless hours of MP then go ahead but if you are buying it mainly for solo, you will be vastly disappointed.

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