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    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    Game » consists of 19 releases. Released Nov 09, 2010

    The seventh installment of the long-running action franchise, Call of Duty: Black Ops puts players into the early era of the Cold War (including the Vietnam War) as a member of the United States black operations unit known as the SOG.

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    A classic formula, done well. 0

    Call of Duty is becoming like a holiday. We've been getting one of these every year around the same time and it's hard to be unique when you're just filling a status-quo that consists of: campaign, multiplayer, and an extra mode.  While Black-Ops does do some new and interesting things with the status-quo, the end result is an entertaining game that's well made, but not very memorable.   Everything you expect from a Call of Duty campaign is here. There's an air vehicle sequence, a land vehicle s...

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    All must die 0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh core Call of Duty game to be released in the past eight years, making it one of modern gaming’s most consistent franchises. And while each entry is generally solid, that ridiculously frequent release pattern is starting to dilute the overall product. Black Ops is a perfectly fine shooter, and an equally fine entry into this blockbuster series. But it also does so little that hasn’t been done to death already, making it increasingly hard to jump on t...

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    Scripted bore. 4

    Everything in the solo campaign is scripted.  If you move up too fast, you can actually shoot enemies and they won't die because they aren't "valid" because their script hasn't started.  In that same theme, enemies will spawn in certain areas to supposedly make a tense event.  Sure is amazing how many guys hide behind a door even thou you can see that its clear until you walk thru.  The CoD series is no longer exciting.  You can see scripted events coming up, you can even guess what will happen ...

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    A nice Zombie map isn't enough to justify $15 5

    Chances are, you already know if you want the Annihilation map pack for Black Ops or not. If, for some reason, you find yourself on the fence, you need to think any longer. Unless you're a huge fan of the exceptionally dull colors of brown and grey, you're going to want to avoid this.The Annihilation pack introduces four new multiplayer maps and one new Zombie map, the latter of which being the best part of the package. Shangri-La lacks the exciting punch that the unique Call Of The Dead map off...

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    Rinse and repeat as usual, same asking price 0

     I'm a PC player, and over Christmas i visited my relatives (as you do) and unfortunately was snowed in for a couple of days while visiting my parents and younger brother and sister, with nothing to do i thought i may aswell give Call of Duty: Black Ops a try on my brother's Xbox 360 and i thought this was rather fitting considering how consolised every game is now, so i could give it a proper short review without bitching about how there's no dedicated servers or that PC gamers are getting fuck...

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    JFK hires Sam Worthington to rescue America... 0

     My advice for the day is to resist peer pressure in all forms. When your buddy Pete in school is telling you to take a puff of that cig, just say no. You already know the dark path that follows: a dark path of taking smoke breaks in -20 degree weather and spending money on packs that could’ve easily gone into other vices like booze or Big Macs. Well, multiple coworkers erked and nudged me for weeks on end to play this Black Ops game. Despite how they ignored my warnings of how the people ...

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    Black Ops, SP & MP 0

    I don't usually play multiplayer games online, and when I do it's typically short-lived, but when a mainstream franchise makes a 360 million dollar splash on the first day of sales it's hard to not take notice. Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest game in the series and the second developed by Activision subsidiary Treyarch--who gained a lot of respect from gamers after World at War hit store shelves in 2008. Unlike WaW however, Treyarch's latest installement would borrow much of it's gameplay ...

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    Taking Out the Trash: Black Ops Edition 3

    I'm going to rant, so here it goes:  I was a fan of Call of Duty up to Modern Warfare 2... then my love for the series died. That game murdered my love for Call of Duty, it murdered it, shit on it and handed its head to me on a silver platter and said: fuck you. I played black ops hoping the series had taken a posite turn from the Action Hero bullshit MW2 had induced on the series. It hadnt. This game is just as over the top just as frankly: fucking rediculous. I dont care that its not plausable...

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    It's your standard Call of Duty, but with a few twists 2

    Say what you will about Treyarch, but after spending numerous hours with Black Ops it seems like this company is fit to be the main Call of Duty developer should Infinity Ward officially shut down for good. The core gameplay, although largely the same, does have some subtle and not-so-subtle tweaks and changes that help to keep the experience fresh.  Don't be surprised when you hear "Fortunate Son" playing during one Vietnam mission The story in Black Ops is really unlike anything you've see...

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    Ice T. Black Ops Review. 6

    Supa Gangsta.     >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g...

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    Liquid Looks At: Call of Duty Black Ops 0

      Liquid Looks At: Call of Duty Black Ops for the PC     The Numbers... Cant... Get them... out of my... HEad!    (Multiplayer review at the bottom)   I'll admittedly say that I am not a fan of the call of duty series.   After the disjointed storyline of the last addition I was expecting something similar.   However, I was impressed to find that my expectations were not met.   Treyarch did a damn good job with this one.   I believe that this game has potential to be one of the best of the...

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    Black Ops redifines the shooter experience 0

    Game play: Call of Duty Black Ops really had its mindset on the right development ,the amazing action sequences in the game are a very delicate experience. You are seeing Mason’s flashback troughout his hole career and it has 15 great missions in varied locales and I was very happy with how the game always kept its own suspense. Black ops really kept me motivated troughout the campaign I tought there was a lot of enemies in the game who are involved in the story and the nova 6 project I found i...

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    Once Again, A Long Awaited Game turned to a Dissapointment 0

     Once Again, Another Call of Duty Game, Wasn't Keen on this game at first cause I felt it wasnt gonna deliever as much tho being the same creators as world war war in which I wasnt a Huge Fan Of. After Play Modern Warefare 2 which I felt was a lot better, I decided to give Black Ops a go and see what it is like. Straight Away Picked Up the Controller and Started Having a look around and seeing what it offered. Played the storyline and started falling in love with it. Again, they have done the st...

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    failed game of the year 1

    this game is as ruined as a call of duty can get. it a week of playing it ive smashed 3 controllers and almost thrown my ps3 out the window. the bs in this game reaches massive levels. i hope activision never lets treyarch make a call of duty again because just  like world at war, they screwed up bad. i fail to understand how the graphics got worse from modern warfare 2 to black ops, how the gameplay got worse, how just everything about it got worse. the only reason i bought it was because moder...

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    Call of Duty: Black Ops Review 0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is the latest installment in the long-running, blockbuster series. After its long stint in World War 2 and in the modern era, developer Treyarch load up the Blackbirds and take us into 1960's Cold War. The game throws a lot things at you, with its action-packed campaign, its intensely customizable multiplayer, and everyone's favorite ridiculous add-on, zombies.CampaignThe single-player campaign opens with protagonist Alex Mason (played by the not-at-all Alaskan Sam Worthi...

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    Not a Great Addition 0

    So the thing that is first and foremost about these maps is that they are gorgeous. The attention to detail they put into these  maps is amazing. I recommend taking time to just look around and explore all the nooks and various rooms they have created for these maps because the quality is amazing. The second and perhaps more important detail is these maps are HUGE. Especially hotel, which leads to problems. Particularly in games like Headquarters, where it can you take a full 30 seconds to get t...

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    Series Saved! 2

    Multiplayer Review  Black Ops delivers more variety from the casual Combat Training Mode to Zombie 1-4 player offline/online right away you will notice that clearly the controversial MW2 Modern Warfare 2 last years Call of Duty  was a mere Beta if you will and expensive one at that   When you play Black Ops you can clearly tell their is a much better pace and balance play  thanks to major tweaks from TreyArch the developers this time around  the fame creators of one of  the most successful World...

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    It's Not Just About the Multiplayer... Okay, Well Maybe It Is 1

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is the seventh installment in the Call of Duty series.  Set this time in the 1960’s, it shows that the only thing with more longevity than the Call of Duty franchise itself is American nostalgia for the Cold War. I’d say things have gotten pretty bad when game developers start to think, “You know what people might enjoy fighting again? The Vietnam War.”   Like the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 single-player campaign, you play as a variety of characters, though most ...

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    Another solid iteration in the COD franchise. 0

    Treyarch has been under the Call of Duty helm for only a couple of titles now but have failed to hit the mark with iterations that have come off more like stop gaps prior to Infinity Ward´s fullblown mega hits that have ushered into a world of jaw dropping sales and critical acclaim. The question is if the latest entry, Black ops manages to leave its own mark or if it´s just another blip on the radar. Woods is a total badass.Lets break down the package in its entirety-- there´s a six to-eight ...

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    Treyarch surprises even me 1

    Let's get this out of the way right off the bat. I was very skeptical about Black Ops from the time I heard the title was announced. I was very disappointed with Treyarch's other two attempts at Call of Duty, especially Call of Duty 3, and I felt that World at War was really just a WWII Mod of  Call of Duty 4. I felt that Black Ops would be a Cold War mod of Modern Warfare 2, however, I greatly underestimated Treyarch.     First off lets get an overview of everything that's packed onto this sing...

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    CoD: BO: Because the Numbers told me to. 0

    Down through the years, there has always been that game series that seems to succeed due to its loyal fanbase. Now I admire these people, they never lose faith in what they follow. Despite shortcomings, a series loved by a loyal army of individuals always has an amazing backing no matter what. And then there came CoD: BO.  Don’t get me wrong, I know people love this game and have played it to death, but there are more than a few defectors from their camp, rearing their heads in anger and dis...

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    I Like My Strike to Come First 0

    It would seem that all gamers have stumbled into the realm of the "uncanny". I say this because of the complete lack of originality from modern games, i.e. shooters and the fact that gamers drink it all up. My good-friend bought enough Gamerpoints to purchase ol' First Strike (1200 GP) from the XBLA.  Five new levels graced our common room screen:  -Discovery  -Kowloon -Berlin Wall -Stadium -Ascendancy (or Ascension from the tired zombie mode)    These levels add nothing new to the already unori...

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                          While it may be just because there are 2 million people trying to play with different pcs and connections something definitely feels wrong the amount of lag that you see is way more then expected even when playing on a high end top of the line computer such as i am. you are not allowed to choose which wager match you decide to play and even if you do decide to there really is no reason too i can get anywhere from 4 to 5 thousand a regular mode game over the 1500 wager maxim...

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    poor 'conversion' 0

    I have an XBOX360, PS3 and PC (Yes, I am rich) and bought Call of Duty Black Ops for all 3 platforms, therefore I  have no bias towards any particular or given platform.  Having now had ample opportunity to play each version of the game extensively, I can say, unequivocally, that the PC version is hands down the worst of the 3 versions, closely followed by the PS3 version.   Its obvious to anyone (bar the most fervent fanboy blinded with bias…no doubt many of you reading this will fit that very ...

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    The Best FPS available for the Wii 0

    The current generation of gaming has become known for some less savory trends.  Tacked on multiplayer, offensive in-game advertising, and of course, "let's make every license into  a shooter" all point to disappointing design decisions made by corporate number crunchers simply looking to maximize profits by hitting the lowest common denominator, rather than focusing on well made, thoughtful, meaningful games.   The Call of Duty series began as a primarily PC focused series, and then quietly beca...

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    A supremely positive experience on Wii 0

    The resounding success of Modern Warfare 2, both critically and commercially left no room for error as Treyarch unravelled Call of Duty Black Ops. It could easily represent the most ambitious entry into the series, disregarding the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 ofcourse. Treyarch battled hard to convince fans that this experience would be better than the last, merging the greater concepts of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, or atleast it seemed. It has to be said that Black Ops initially did wel...

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    Doesn't change much, but still very enjoyable 0

    Pros:-Campaign is solid and varied-Good storyline-Zombie mode is fun-Wager Matches provide a fun and unique experience-Great multiplayer that is packed with features-Same great COD gameplayCons:-Doesn't do much different from past installmentsCall of Duty Black Ops may not change the COD formula much, but it still gives you an action packed experience that will put you on the edge of your seat. It has a solid campaign, zombies, and a feature rich multiplayer experience that makes Black Ops an ov...

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    COD is still fun 0

    The Call of Duty series is probably one of the biggest video game franchises on the market.The Modern Warfare spin-off series alone has sold millons but the Treyarch games don't get no praise.Well step up Call of Duty Black Ops another COD game from Treyarch that is probably my second favourite COD.It's a really fun game with new unique modes and the mulitplayer is still really addicting.The campaign is short but good and the Zombies mode is the reason you'll keep coming back to this game.If you...

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    Nothing innovative, but still a great shooter. 0

    Lets be fair here, the Call of Duty series is long past introductions, as practically everyone who knows about games, knows about this series. Black Ops is the next itteration in the series created by Treyarch, who were also the creators of CoD: World at War.  The game begins with Alex Mason, Frank Woods, and Joseph Bowman attempting to assassinate none other then Fidel Castro during the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba as a part of Operation 40 .  Mason apparently succeeds in the assassination, ...

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    My favourite CoD. 0

    Now, while I'm a BF fanatic, I like to give credit where it's due, and in my own personal oppinion... Black Ops is the best CoD so far. When I first played it, I was thinking "I have to finish the story." Now, right there, if a game can do that, it gains points. It draws you in. It's interesting. While I admit it wasn't TOO different from the story of most shooters, especially CoD games, it was still very good. It was well executed, though the ending left something to be desired for. The multi-p...

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    At its best ! 0

     5/5, Campaign is overwhelming and very exciting, although short, but most game Campaigns are short now, but i loved this one, story is very well done, great voice acting, and beautiful graphics, and for you Zombie lovers, classic Zombie game mode from WaW is BACK, but better,ps "has new maps" + a bonus zombie arcade game, on to Multiplayer, what can say ? first off, like other COD's, spawning still lets it down,but moving on, call of duty have done it again, best first person shooter out ...

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    We live in a world...where everything you right. 0

    I had heard a lot about this one going in.Great voice acting (especially Gary Oldman and Sam Worthington), amazing graphics for its time that still hold up nicely, and a thrilling story with a great plot twist towards the end make this yet another all-time favorite of mine. The game nicely links up with World At War by connecting the events that occurred after the Russian campaign. The missions in the game covers a wide variety of geography and gameplay. What scares me is that there are so many...

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    Black Ops plays it safe 0

    The resounding success of Modern Warfare 2, both critically and commercially left no room for error as Treyarch unravelled Call of Duty Black Ops. It could easily represent the most ambitious entry into the series, disregarding the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 ofcourse. Treyarch battled hard to convince fans that this experience would be better than the last, merging the greater concepts of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, or atleast it seemed. It has to be said that Black Ops initially did wel...

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    black ops multiplayer review 0

    This review is going to focus solely on the multiplayer of Call of Duty:Black Ops for the PS3 and is basied solely on my experiances.So what do i think of the multiplayer? well it follows the formula that most other COD games before it have and it also adds some new elements to the formula aswell such as new game modes and ect,but the core of the experiance should be fun gameplay! which in my opinion just barely holds up in this game.The gameplay is very glitchy espcaily with hit dectection i fi...

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    Bad PC port aside, Black Ops plays it safe. 0

    The resounding success of Modern Warfare 2, both critically and commercially left no room for error as Treyarch unravelled Call of Duty Black Ops. It could easily represent the most ambitious entry into the series, disregarding the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 ofcourse. Treyarch battled hard to convince fans that this experience would be better than the last, merging the greater concepts of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, or atleast it seemed. It has to be said that Black Ops initially did wel...

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    How does a game this epic feel so boring? 0

    Full disclosure -- I don't play much online multiplayer, and I don't like playing FPS games with a controller, so that basically rules me out of Call of Duty's target audience. That said, I still love playing the single-player campaigns in all major shooters. While Black Ops rings in on the short side (5-6 hours?), this is still an action-packed, creatively told story that gradually unwraps a mystery centered on your main character. The lavish setpieces are always fun to see in Call of Duty gam...

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    Review-Call of Duty: Black Ops 0

     I understand that the Call of Duty franchise wasn’t made for me. There are certainly a few first person shooters I love, but I’ve never really enjoyed a game in this series. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is a fantastic game both as a single player experience and revolutionary online time sink. Its sequel, Modern Warfare 2 is even better at keeping players attached to its online game and features a fantastic co-op addition in Spec-Ops mode, despite the…ridiculous single player campaign. I respe...

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    Well.. it's better than WAW. 0

    Let me start off by saying Fuck the VGA's. Fuck everything they stand for. Sgt Woods the 'best character of 2010'? The only other original character in the nominations was a Mr John Marston, who actually was a character.  However, I did learn one thing from the VGAs, and that was how Treyarch thinks they "worked their asses off" for the game. Excuse me a second but: LOLLLL!!!!!!  You mean, they "worked their asses off" by making a game using recycled graphics and recycled game modes? The only 'f...

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    Treyarch Delivers a fairly competent entry in the COD Franchise. 0

    Another year, another Call of Duty.  I'm starting to fear that the Call of Duty series is going to be put on the same page as Tony Hawk and Guitar Hero as games we all grow tired of.  But what shocked me about Black Ops, this year's entry in the long running military fps series, is that it doesn't flat out suck.   I was very vocal and flat out against 2008's "World at War", which I felt was a cheap cash in to capitalize on the popularity of the series revitalization with "Modern Warfare".  It wa...

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    Not many changes, but remains a stellar shooter 0

    This decade's Call of Duty games have been intuitive, fresh and a stepping stone in the first person shooter genre. Dating back to Modern Warfare, COD has been the fan favorite and number one shooter for gamers on Xbox 360 and PS3 alike. This newest edition to the series, Black Ops, is no less impressive. Minor problems and a the fact that nothing much has changed with the formula hold it back from being number one in my book. Black Ops, sends us back in time to the 1960's cold war era, where...

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    Great expansion maps, but too high a price 0

    The First Strike Map Pack adds 4 new competitive multiplayer maps as well as one new Zombie mode map to the already insanely popular FPS.  The total price for these maps, which do not appear to be already "on-disc," is about US $15.  While the maps are phenomenally done, the price point unfortunately has swollen to nearly unacceptable levels.  However, if you want to continue playing Black Ops Online, you are going to need these maps.The Multiplayer Maps:Overall, these maps are a fantastic addit...

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    The game remains the same 0

    On the making-of documentaries for "the Lion King", one of the filmmakers remarked that they felt that the "B-team"; they're the team that's making that other Disney film they just happened to be making but rather their main focus was on "Pocahontas", their next prestige picture. Funny how Lion King became a massive hit (and oddly one of my top favorite movies ever) and Pocahontas was very warmly received. Even though it's an oddball analogy, I couldn't think of anything else that could explain ...

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    Treayarch's Finest 0

     Call of Duty: Black Ops What if every single story about secret happenings in the Cold War were true...and you actually did them yourself?You play Alex Mason, preternatural badass as you traipse all over the hot spots of the Cold War, from Cuba to a Soviet prison camp all the way to Vietnam. Which makes this the first good game involving Vietnam in history, which is nice. It's really difficult to discuss any aspects of the story without spoiling everything, but I will say that it is probab...

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    Black Ops or Black Oops? (Single Player Only) 0

    Call of Duty: Black Ops is this year’s new installment in the Call of Duty franchise.   Most people have heard the name Call of Duty and have made several appearances’ in main stream media; does this game deserve as much recognition as its predecessors?   If you are like me, you enjoy your far share of First Person Shooters, especially anything that has the title of Call of Duty on it.   I was ready to jump into Black Ops and hope for the best. In Black Ops you play most of the game as Alex Mas...

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