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Complain about the awful people in your facebook feed here.

I can't even look into my facebook feed right now. I'm so filled with liberal rage.  I realize that most facebook users are stupid and post stupid shit on their facebooks for their friends to see. I also realize that most of the people I know from school are traditionally republicans because Sullivan is a small town and ripe with republicanism bullshit.
The main offender is a girl I know and whom I dearly care about her, her husband and her kids. She's also a republican. Today, her posts were like "Why are we launching missiles into Libya when we have people starving in the states?" and "O.B.A.M.A=One Big Ass Mistake America" and all that shit. I see who she voted for in the elections.
I just want to go into a fucking tirade about international policy. I'm liberal and I realize that sentiment is shared among people who don't realize about commitments to UN/NATO.  The military/industrial complex is gigantic tentacle monster that is fucking america right now. Fuck the conservatives when they want to cut social services to poor people.  Fuck them right in the ear. Slash half that damn budget and you have your quite a hunk of cash to run the government for awhile.
If more people would study up on their history and america's commitment to the world, than maybe stupid shit wouldn't be posted on Facebook. or maybe not.