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52n365 - 2018 Edition

52n365 - 2018 Edition

Now for the fifth year running , my own way of tracking the games I beat.

Yeah, I know I'm 4 months late on this but hey I've been busy. And then I decided to overhaul this and before I knew it, a quarter of the year was gone. And hey Jan.1 is just a arbitrary date, your New Year's resolution/goals isn't worth a whole lot if you can't stick with it throughout the year. So I'm just putting basically the same thing out again. Can fix it on the fly, it's my list afterall :).

Thoughts on 2017's results-

2017 was a definite improvement over 2016, although I ran into the usual problem of not finishing massive games (looking at you Divinity:Original Sin 2).

Definitely feel like 40-50 or so is about my natural pace for a year as I suspected last year. Ended up underachieving a bit last year, but 40 credit rolls and ~60 points doesn't feel too bad especially when figuring in that I put a ton of time into some things I didn't finish (or weren't finish-able like PUBG).

Not a whole tweaks to implement at this point as I realized I just needed to get this list out. Got a bunch changes in the works, but I need to fix my master spreadsheet first.

I think I really do need to consider awarding points for things I don't finish but I definitely got my money's worth out of (100+ hours in Divinity definitely means I got good bang for my buck out of the game). Still feel torn about this though.

Perhaps the bigger more structural change I need to make is factoring in intake (and being more selective), since intake is the main source of my backlog problems. Am working on a better tracking method for that so I can score that, as for that to work I really need to keep more detailed records than $ spent on what i'm buying.

The goal of this list is to make backlog blasting fun while still allowing myself to play more current things. Encourage positive thinking in myself and to discourage game hopping (I always like to finish things), overspending and "paralysis by analysis".

Inspired by Resetera's- 52 games/1 year annual thread

2018 Scoring System (italics indicates changes)

  • 1 point for any game completion over an hour in length. Game completion is considered what causes a win condition that achieves a credit roll. Use your own discretion, this is an Honor system.
  • 2 points for games over 20 hours played.
  • 3 points for games over 40 hours played.
  • NEW* 4 points for games over 80 hours played.
  • 1 point for an expansion (most games don't have one these days but I have some on my backlog like Starcraft). Any DLC over 5 hours in campaign length will be considered an expansion
  • 0.25 points for story campaign style DLC that is longer than one hour
  • 0.25 points per episode of an Episodic game (assuming 5 episodes otherwise 1.25 divided by number of episodes. ) if the entire season isn't completed. If Season is completed, score according to time played using previously stated rules.
  • 1 point Backlog bonus - beating any game I've personally owned longer than one year.
  • 2 point Backlog Bonus - for anything on systems no longer considered current generation (PS3, DS, Wii, PC games originally released before 2012 and older. WiiU and Vita are considered current for 2018). Old games that are "new to me" Such as DOSbox games, Virtual Console do not qualify for bonus points.
  • +0.5 point for any game where either 100% collectibles acquired or 100% single player achievements unlocked. If by some miracle I actually get multiplayer cheevos I'll think of a scoring system for that.
  • 0.5 point Bucket List Bonus- Clearing any game that I marked on my Holes in the Resume List
  • 0.25 ZeitGeist GotY bonus- Didn't finish as many new releases as I wanted to last year for GotY purposes. Hopefully this inspires me to clear more in time for GotY
  • 1 point Load my Last Save bonus-I can't think of anything harder for me than picking up a game I've set down for like a month and then trying to finish it from there. If I actually manage to do that, I feel I should reward myself.
  • Still be debated- Money's Worth bonus. Anything I put 10+ hours into that I don't finish. I feel like I should and yet it doesn't feel like it fits the spirit of this goal.

Previous Years Results - as of 4/16/18

YearCredit RollsPoints
2012 11 21
2013 26 38
2014 63 67
2015 40 47.25
2016 31 37
2017 (2017 rules) 40 59.5
2018 (2018 rules) 26 60
Totals through 2017 211 269.75
Averages through 2017 35.17 44.96

List items

  • cleared 2/22/2018- 1 point- Very late start this year thanks for PUBG mania. NitW got me back on track thankfully.

  • cleared 2/27/18- 1.5 points- Got all the collectibles. Man these Steamworld games are just trance inducing fun.

  • cleared 2/28/18- 1.5 points- Pretty easy plat and best "walking sim" I've ever played.

  • cleared 3/1/18- 1.5 points- Another easy Plat and another really solid walking sim

  • cleared 3/4/18- 1.5 points- Definitely earned the plat on this one, I wish I liked this game more

  • cleared 3/20/18- 1.5 points- crushing it on plats this year. Man this game was even better than I hoped. I love games where traversal is fun.

  • cleared 3/23/18-1.5 points- Another plat and while this game may be short I sure earned this plat in the extra modes.

  • cleared 3/28/18- 1.5 points- yet another plat. I expected this game to be terrible so was mildly surprised that it was just ok. Plot in the backhalf was real bad though.

  • cleared 4/9/18- 1.5 points- The final of a great run of plats. I finally get why people like Blaster Master now. Makes me hope more NES classics get remade for today's audiences.

  • cleared 4/14/18- 2 points (backlog bonus)- Not gonna 100% this as I don't think it will keep my interest long enough. Plus knowing me I'll end up rebuying it on Switch instead of buying the DLC characters on WiiU (Which I have).

  • cleared 5/20/2018 - 3 points (20hrs played + expansion DLCs) - We'll see if I play the expansions at all (I did since my friends got into the game. The story in this game is real bad)

  • cleared 5/24/2018 - 1 point. Now this, this was how FPS campaigns should be. Fantastic game.

  • cleared 5/24/2018 - 5 points (3 points duration (44 hrs), plus backlog bonus, + 1 point expansion DLC)- Slowburner but wow what a crescendo final case! Best game in the series imo.

  • cleared 7/18/2018 - 4.5 points (60 hrs played, 100% cheevos, Story DLC cleared and 100% cheevos on it).

    holy hell was this a good game. Damn shame Sony took the servers down

  • cleared 7/24/18 - 2.5 points (30 hrs played, 100% cheevos)

  • cleared 7/26/2018 - 1 point (Story+Arcade Mode)

    Man MvC deserves a lot better finale (if this is the end) than this. The art is horrible compared to previous games, looks worse in motion somehow

  • cleared 8/10/2018 - 3.5 (47 hrs, 100% completion). What a truly special game. Very flawed in some respects (translation in parts I believe made huge errors including mixing up subject and object) but it plays beautifully and tell a surprisingly evocative story. Wondrous soundtrack by Sakimoto (of FF tactics fame)

  • cleared 8/11/2018 - 1 point. I wasn't crazy about the Capt Toad minigame in 3d World, but this... this is really good.

  • cleared 8/25/2018 - 3 points (length) - My personal Game of the Generation. I expected to like it but not this much. Just kinda a perfect venn diagram of stuff I like.

  • cleared 8/26/2018- 2 points (duration) - Stubbornly never played this back in the day since I was salty Phoenix wright was bumped from his own series. That was a mistake, Apollo is actually a better lead in some ways and Trucy is one of the most likable characters ever. This game had some neat ideas and it was kinda weird just to see them totally ignored by future entries (PW's personality change brought upon by personal tragedy and the Jurist system). The villain was great but never did a good job of really establishing his motivations as much as I'd like.

  • cleared 9/1/18 - 1.5 points (100% collectibles)

  • cleared 9/29/18 - 5 points (over 200 hrs played and load my last save bonus)

    Took nearly a whole year to get here but finally got one of my campaigns done. Thoughts on the game here

  • cleared 10/2/18 - 3.5 points (26 hrs + 100 + Backlog bonus)

    Finally got around to actually finishing this gem after years. When I first played BotW I thought that was Zelda's return to form, but after completing this one I actually now think ALBW is the better game. It's got far better dungeons and boss fights and the story is better too. I'd like to see this kind of 2d Zelda made on a more original map next time.

  • cleared 12/2/18- 2.5 points (20+hrs - 100% cheevos/items)

  • cleared 12/4/18- 1.5 points (100% cheevos)

  • cleared 12/15/18 - (currently in post game) - (4.5 points) 85 hours, likely going to get 100% achievements