Guitar Hero Reality show!? You've got to be kidding me?

By no means am I a fan. Personally I hate those games just like any other party games that are out there. But I also don''t hate on people that like them.

But getting back to topic, my sister is always going to some celebrity gossips sites called and he's always reporting on things that people don't really need to hear. So she went to it today and saw an article talking about a reality show or possibly a live world tour. Here's what the article had to say:

Sources are saying that the widely popular video game could be spawning its own reality television show or even perhaps a real-life concert tour.

The franchise is owned by Activision (the brains behind Worlds of Warcraft) and CEO Bobby Kotick sees the potential in the video game. While he thinks it "might make for a good TV show or a good concert tour," he wouldn't comment on the speculation of a movie as well.

But don't worry video gamers, they haven't forgetten about the actual GAMES. Activision Blizzard this year will release several new games including DJ Hero, which uses a turntable controller for hip-hop, Motown and other dance music, and Band Hero, which caters to younger players and features top-40 hits. : Van Halen and : Smash Hits also are set for release.

We think this might be taking it too far.

In case you still find this hard to believe, than here's the link:

What do you guys think? Good or bad idea?