Time to bust out the shaver....its HAIRY LEGS.

A high school art teacher is the last person you would expect to create a video game from scratch. Its another thing to expect it to be good. Well believe it or not, it can be done. My high school art teacher made a iDevice app/game called Hairy Legs. I just wanted to get the word out that the game is fun, cool, and....has leader-boards. But on a serious note, he put a lot of time and effort in it and since he's been one of my most greatest influences in high school, I wanted his hard work to be known. The game is in the same genre as games like Doodle Jump. You play as a razor going down the leg of a hairy woman trying to evade obstacles like scabs and band aids. Its quite a clever game and its hopefully going to be a huge hit. By no means is this an advertisement. I just want to get the word out that pretty much anyone can make a quality game with a little hard work. I thought since the gaming community of Giantbomb is so cool, that you guys could check it out. Alright, the words out and thats all I can do. I appreciate if you guys check it out and if not, keep gaming. -Smitty