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So this is my drunken blog, the one and only.

So I try hard to nto do the drunken blog thing, but I just played a good chunk of Amnesia: The derk Descent!
HOLY SHIT, Man, I have played some scary games, or those that I thought were scary like RE, or Silent Hill, or Dead Space. BUT this game is terrifying.
 Now I consider myself to be pretty learned in the 'Lovecraftian' area of horror, but Frictional Games has taken 'The Outsider' that extra step further.
I also played some Halo: Reach multiplayer whilst indulging in some more liquid confidence. GAME ONE, duders.


Up Your Game - A new pro-tip series at

Hey all,
Some of you may know that we are releasing a new short video series over at
It's called ' Up Your Game' and it will consist of cool and interesting tips for online multiplayer games.
For starters, the first video is for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and there will be a new game and new tip next week.
Also, a reminder that our podcast will be up within the next 24 hours so look out for that too!
Peace, and enjoy.


Music from beyond the comfort zone

So I was looking around for some new music last night and managed to find myself listening and strangely enjoying music that would normally be way far out of my comfort zone.
Usually I like industrial, some metal, electronica and some obscure hip-hop every now and then, but I usually stop listening at the point where screaming the lyrics is involved. To me it just sounds bad and makes it very hard at times to hear what they are actually saying.
But when I found this band, that kinda changed. I don't know exactly what it is or why, but I really like it. 
Well, here it is...

Feast your ears upon this hellish, bone crushing sound that is Psyclon Nine.
I really dig this song, mainly for it's beats and the screaming is just something else.
I did check out their older stuff, but this latest album is the only thing I don't mind.
I know that not a lot of people are NOT going to like this kind of music and fair enough. It's not for everyone and frankly, it's barely even OK with me, but it is growing on me.

An unexpected night...

So this Friday I went out just to have some drinks with my flatmates, nothing special or anything. 
I had a really awesome time and even got lucky! I met a really cool girl at the bar and got to know her. We hit it off straight away and ended up ditching the flatmates to go further into the night with each other. Ended up taking her home to my place, both of us were pretty toast by then, but still having a good time. 
So... with out going into too much detail we spent the night and morning having an awesome time :D 
She asked me to txt her later that day, so I did. Little did I know she actually has a 30 year old boyfriend (we are both 22) and loves him to bits! 
Turns out it was just a one night only thing but still loved it. We both had a good time, and hopefully no one gets hurt from it. 
Even after ending my relationship with my girlfriend only a month before, this certainly helped and boosted my confidence WAY up. 
Smoking hot girl, good drinks, good music and great sex. 
Anyone else had an experience like that before? I certainly wasn't either planning or expecting the night to go down like that :D

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