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I have returned. Was I here before? WAS I. I was.

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Movie Night is Here and You Better Bring Your Friends (or else) 0

One of the biggest arguments against cinematic interactivity in gaming is that, if a game wants to look like a movie then it should just be a movie, and if a game wants to be a choose your own adventure novel then it better have every choice ever thought of or it’s not worth playing. These are common viewpoints that I hear almost every time a choice based game that’s more quick-time events than actual action get’s brought up. And yet, Supermassive Games, alongside a pretty smal...

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Intention at it's Finest, Weirdness at it's Best, and Performance at it's Most Taxing 0

The first time I loaded up "Control", Remedy’s latest release and first apart from longtime publisher Microsoft, I was immediately struck by how harsh and eerie The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) was. It loomed before the protagonist, Jesse Faden, like an all knowing monolith out of Stanley Kubrik’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” and brought with it all the haunting imagery and atmosphere that a creative work about the fragility of our world ought to.Remedy has always taken an ...

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Bound by Flame (or) What Happens When You Bite Off More than You Can Chew 0

Let's just start by saying that while ambition is very important that it can kill your project if left unchecked and Bound By Flame is pretty dang ambitious. You can tell that the makers of this game wanted it to be huge and sprawling and at the beginning of its tale, does indeed seem to have those things. But do they pay off? In short, no. In long, also no (but a no with potential?) Bound By Flame has a lot of goals to accomplish and, while admirable, very obviously has taken on too many thi...

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Vampyr and the Constant Innovation of Narrative Design 0

Dontnod (the studio that in the past released Life is Strange and Remember Me) went their darkest, moodiest and most ambitious route with 2018's Vampyr and it pays of at (almost) every corner.Vampyr is truly impressive in using its smaller studios limited resources to make a game that really comes across like the immersive period piece that it set out to portray. Taking place in a living city style open-world (a la Dragon Age 2's albeit unpopular model) Vampyr takes a risk by having you spend up...

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Dragon Age is Back (with a fresh coat of paint and a minor identity crisis to go along with it) 0

Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest installment in the critically acclaimed Dragon Age series, delivers on most every level and, though it has a couple hiccups along the way, is a must play for any RPG or adventure fan out there. From judging those who have wronged the people of Thedas, to saving the world from the brink of disaster, to hunting down the most fearsome of dragons, Inquisition delivers on its promise to rejuvenate the Dragon Age series and provide a more open-world based storytelli...

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