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Dark Souls II seems to lack something, maybe it's interconnectedness?

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Best of 2010

SonicFire: Best of 2010
As I compose this list, it seems important to point out that there are quite a few games I have yet to play, particularly in the downloadable space. I've gone through quite a few this year, nevertheless.

List items

  • After playing through this one again recently, I honestly can't say that anything comes close. Every part of the presentation (outside of mining) is stellar, and few games foster the same type of excitement for me.

  • The best RTS game ever made, as far as I'm concerned.

  • Another solid Rockstar entry. While again subject to feeling overrated, the atmosphere here was fantastic.

  • Surprise hit. I wasn't expecting this to be a full game, let alone an improved experience

  • If not for the ridiculous amount of bugs, this game would stand higher on the list. But still, few games tend to pull me in the way these do. What continues to impress me is the writing...not to mention how each quest can be completed in so many ways.

  • A surprisingly good atmospheric shooter. The sense of immersion is quite fantastic. Play it in the original Russian for best results.

  • A divisive game, to be sure, but it was an engrossing experience. Probably the most flawed entry on this list, being something unique is rare these days.

  • Although it pales in comparison to the original, this is still an excellent bit of game, both in terms of its mechanics, and its story.

  • Admittedly, I haven't finished this one. But as a horror game junkie, I can't recommend it enough. Well worth the low price of admission.

  • Damn you, Deadly Premonition. For better or worse, you dominated my entire Spring. Between my own playthrough, and two endurance runs, I'm not exactly going to forget about you, am I?