Pass The Whiskey - Ep 10: The Crying Podcast aka THE LOST EPISODE

This episode will forever be known as THE LOST EPISODE. Below is the document we had written for when this was meant to go up. As you can tell, it is super late, but, hey, that’s what lost episodes are all about, right? Please do enjoy this timely and relevant podcast, brought to you by Being Busy With Real Life™. (BTW, we're still on a hiatus. All of these links are dated. And I want to talk about shitty Halloween costumes again. Digging up the past is weird, y'all.)

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THE MOST TERRIFYING EPISODE YET. ...Considering it’s right before Halloween and all. We’re joined by a terrifying beast of a moderator, Screened’s FinalDasa, as we talk about ponies, fan-fiction, and all those other things that only Sparkly and Slowbird really care about!

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Special Guest: FinalDasa

When he’s not off fighting crime or being a raging alcoholic, FinalDasa is doing moderator tasks over at Screened. He’s got a love for Rorie that could rival my own, but that’s debatable! This silly old dude also mans the ScreenedPups Twitter page where he flexes what he has to share and what the community for Screened has done. He, as well as Scancase, are both to thank for the community showcase there. So let’s send some love and be awkward about it! (I’m mostly saying that because FinalDasa gets more excited about this podcast than anyone else I know... It’s creepy.)

Featured User: Paulrus

Ladies, gents, bronies... I welcome you to the herd. Paulrus has been completely attacking the wiki at Screened with some My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TLC. His latest updates give a good in depth synopsis to this season’s latest episodes and even provide the lesson that has been learned by our favorite little fillies! I cannot help but feel as if my adoration for these ponies pales in comparison, seeing as Paulrus needs no help. He is on it! And you know what this calls for? A PARTY!

Top-Shelf Community Content:

Forza Motorsport 4 Artwork - Giant Bomb users band together to show off who can make the most beautiful of Forza 4 cars and take the most rad photos!

Casting Call - User CrimsonAvenger has been blogging his dream casting for a variety of movies including the eventual Assassin’s Creed series and Uncharted movie.

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Missed our last episode? Catch it here!

Marvel Genesis - User CapFanboy has put together an amazingly comprehensive writing initiative based on the Marvel universe, and Blacklightning13 created a thread compiling all of the community’s work together. Seriously, just take a look at that thread. Is your mind boggling? Mine sure is.

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Also, wow, that was a lot of Pony Talk. Erm, um, heeheeheehee?