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Top Ten Stories in Games

These are my most favorite stories in games and franchises of games. I'm thinking that not all may agree with me, but these are the games that I have played that I can remember with great stories.

List items

  • This is the only game franchise that I will learn the fiction of the universe outside of the game.

  • The story is so great because the story is my story.

  • With the recent addition of the sequel this story has definitely intrigued me.

  • The atmosphere and plot of this story makes the game great in itself.

  • Definitely one of the longest stories I have ever played, but I would be lying if I said that it wasn't a really good one.

  • One of the early great story games I played. With the added effect of Star Wars fiction this story is up there with its universe counterparts.

  • This trilogy of games have become an almost Epic tale of the classic story of human's survival, but definitely this is a darker than usual story of that theme.

  • A great story of a classic superhero that I loved that almost made me giddy throughout the whole experience.

  • This is definitely an epic tale of a classic fantasy kind of story of gathering forces of different races to fight a common evil. I think this would definitely be higher on my list if I had finished it and have gotten to the golden moments of the story.

  • This is a long journey of a sort of odd kind of story for me. It was definitely a long story (not comparing it to Final Fantasy 13). And was all in all a quality story with all the back story they added in with the Lost Memories which I think was one of the best parts of the game.