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Perfect revamp 0

For anyone who enjoyed the original, stop reading now and buy this. I played NBA Jam on Sega Genesis constantly when I was a kid, so hearing that they were going to release a reboot made me feel both excited and nervous.  After playing one classic game after I picked this up on the Xbox, it was clear that there was some serious attention put into this game to make it appeal to gamers like me who adored the original. I would never purchase a regular basketball sim game like the NBA 2K series, and...

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Buy this, even if you have purchased the first Pac-Man CE 0

If you do not go out and buy this game immediately, you are doing yourself a disservice. I purchased the first Pac-Man Championship Edition on the Xbox, and later on the iPhone because I enjoyed it so much. I was given an NES with a Pac-Man cartridge when I was three years old, and Pac-Man CE was most fun I have had with the game since I was very young.  When my friend told me I needed to download PM CE DX, my immediate response was "I already picked up PM CE twice, I doubt I need the new one." ...

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HUGE Collection 1

For $30, I think it would be ridiculous to pass on this. Sure, there is an extremely small chance that you'll enjoy every game, but there are a ton of solid games on this disc. Its terrible that they did not allow Sonic & Knuckles to connect with the other Sonic titles, but that is a minor complaint. I play on a CRT television, so the lack of "enhanced HD graphics" doesn't make much of a difference in my situation. However, my friend also bought this game, and there is nothing enhanced about...

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Greatest game ever. 0

Rock Band 2 is the greatest game ever released. Never has a game provided so much selection (500+ songs available, and more released every week) and allowed for so much replay value (four different instruments and four different difficulties for every instrument on every song). The possibilities are endless. It is the perfect party game, and should be a part of everyone's collection....

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Easily worth the $10 0

Crash Commando is easily one of the best games available on the PSN. The online deathmatches in the vibrant 2D worlds are unbelievably fun. The replay value is great, so there is no excuse not to put out the $10 for it. My only major complaint is that there is no local multiplayer, and you can only join an online game with one player on a single console. This game would have easily received 5 stars if it wasn't for that....

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